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Snagit's a Slick Screen Grabber
April 2, 2013
For many Mac users, screen grabbing tools provided by OS X are adequate for their needs. If you need to snatch a full screen, shift + command + 3 will suffice. If you want to carve out a section of your display, there's shift + command + 4. However, some Mac jockeys need to go beyond those simple grabbing techniques. For those users, there's Snagit 2.
How to Run Android Apps on Your Windows or Mac Machine
March 28, 2013
Have you got some favorite smartphone apps? Not convinced by Microsoft's new Windows app selection? Itching to see some Android action on your MacBook Pro? Don't worry, just install an Android emulator on your Windows or Mac machine and run all of the Android apps that you've grown to love. A version is even available for Windows 8 Surface tablets.
March Madness App Brings Its 'A' Game
March 25, 2013
I've previously avoided most big sports and event streaming apps for simple reasons -- they tend to bombard you with glitchy ads or make you jump through hoops to view the content, such as proving that you're a cable or satellite subscriber. In March, however, NCAA basketball grabs my attention.
THX Blasts Apple With Lawsuit
March 20, 2013
THX filed a lawsuit against Apple last week, claiming that the company's consumer electronics are infringing on one of its sound patents. The sound technology company, founded by George Lucas, alleges that some models of the iPhone, iPad and iMac devices violate a THX patent regarding a "narrow profile speaker."
Alfred Offers Bat-tastic Productivity for Mac Owners
March 19, 2013
We can't all have the riches of Bruce Wayne. Mac owners, however, can have a virtual version of his faithful servant, Alfred. Like Wayne's invaluable butler, this free productivity app is also named Alfred. Its latest version (2.0), released this month, is more useful than ever.
A Few Quirks Keep Mellel Lite From Being a Heavyweight
March 5, 2013
Word processors can be a matter of taste. Some writers feel that the more the word processor departs from the original word processor -- the typewriter -- the more it interferes with the actual act of writing. For those writers, there are bare bones word processors like Byword and iA Writer.
Apple's Obsession With Simplicity Can Really Complicate Things
February 28, 2013
Apple makes powerful products that do complicated things very simply and easily, and are mostly intuitive. You don't need an owner's manual to figure out how to use most Apple products. Apple aggressively whittles down its products so they become the essence of the most important things they do.
Apple Plants Seeds of Growth in China, India
February 20, 2013
President Obama gave Apple some special attention last week when he mentioned the tech giant in his State of the Union address, praising it for bringing more of its manufacturing stateside. After the president's statements, cameras focused on Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was a guest of the First Lady.
Pixelmator Delivers Powerful Image Editing at a Bargain Price
January 15, 2013
Many amateur shutterbugs can't afford professional-caliber image editing programs like Photoshop and Aperture, so they're always on the prowl for economical alternatives to those Adobe and Apple offerings. Pixelmator is such an alternative. For a fraction of the price of the big-name image editors, the software is loaded with features that will open the spigot for many a shooter's creative juices.
Apple May Soon Let You Talk to the Hand
December 28, 2012
Apple's supply chain has clearly sprung a leak since Steve Jobs' passing: Every few months, it seems, a rumor or report from unnamed sources at this or that supplier makes the rounds. The current rumor is that Apple is hard at work at its next innovation -- and it's not a television set or a smart remote control. Instead, it is a watch.
For Apple, Repairability Rules Don't Apply
December 6, 2012
Apple is frequently taken to task for its design choices, many of which revolve around the battery. For years, the naysayers were irritated that Apple's iPods and iPhones, for example, didn't have user-replaceable batteries. Worse yet, you couldn't swap in a new battery while on the go if you ran out of juice. Then Apple took away the removable batteries in its MacBook line, favoring instead to glue them in.
Samsung, Apple Rift Could Throw Intel Into ARM's Arms
December 3, 2012
Apple and Intel are in talks that could lead to Intel taking over Apple's chipset manufacturing, according to a report from Doug Freedman of RBC Capital. The scope of the deal is significant and would require a major about-face on the part of Intel, Freedman indicated. Intel would use rival ARM Holdings' structure for the iPhone design. Apple would redesign the iPad to base it on the x86 processor.
Intel Could Get Strong-ARMed Out of Macs
November 7, 2012
Apple might be looking for ways to ditch Intel in its Macs in favor of its own silicon. The company recently restructured its executive team, placing hardware guru Bob Mansfield in charge of a technologies group that is reportedly leading new chip development at the company. That research could help transition its ARM mobile chips into its computer lineup, giving Apple products a more uniform inner makeup.
Skinny Mini Joins Apple's Chorus Line
October 24, 2012
Apple revealed not only the much-anticipated iPad mini Tuesday, but also a flurry of updates across its product line. The full-size iPad, now in its fourth generation, gained a new A6X chip with twice the CPU and graphics performance as the previous generation's A5X chip. The 13-inch MacBook Pro picked up a graphic-intense Retina display, while Apple also announced a beefed-up Mac mini.
iPad Mini May Be Spoiling for a School Fight
October 22, 2012
Apple fans are preparing for Tuesday's press event, when the company is expected to launch a smaller version of the iPad tablet and possibly announce refreshes to its other computer lines or even a new push to capture the education market. The company sent out invitations that teased it had "a little more" to present. An iPad mini would compete with Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire.
EPEAT's Revised Rule-Making Draws Greenpeace Ire
October 15, 2012
EPEAT, a vendor-supported organization that bills itself as the definitive global registry for greener electronics, has certified ultrathin notebooks from four vendors as meeting its green rating requirements. The vendors are Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba. Criteria for the certification included whether the products could be upgraded and if tools were commonly available to accomplish upgrades.
Apple Puts 3rd-Party Lightning Connectors in a Bottleneck
October 5, 2012
Apple may be tightening its control over makers of devices that connect to its products. It is making significant changes in its policies governing accessories made for iPads, iPhones and iPods with its new Lightning connector. Only Apple-approved manufacturing facilities will be able to produce Lightning connector accessories.
Apple Supplier Foxconn Shuts Plant After Workers Riot
September 24, 2012
Foxconn Technology, the Taiwanese electronics maker typically linked with Apple products and workers' rights violations, said it closed a Chinese plant Monday following a fight between factory employees. Foxconn said that several people from the Taiyuan plant, which employs nearly 80,000 people, were hospitalized and detained by police after what was described as a riot.
Revamped iPods Upstage iPhone 5
September 13, 2012
Apple finally appeased the masses and unveiled its highly anticipated new products Wednesday, announcing upgrades to its iPod line along with the iPhone 5. Rumors -- many of them spot-on -- had circulated about the newest smartphone for months before the announcement, so the bigger surprise at Apple's San Francisco event was the design and capability upgrades to its music players.
Starry-Eyed Apple Watchers Await iPhone 5
September 5, 2012
Apple confirmed it has an announcement in store, sending out invites to a Sept. 12 press event that is expected to be the debut of the highly anticipated next-generation iPhone. Apple has not confirmed it will unveil a new iPhone at the event, but the invite seems to suggest that its newest phone is on its way.
Apple Fans, Welcome to the Machine
August 23, 2012
I've been an Apple Mac user since high school, using them even as I struggled through business classes on clunky PCs. As an adult, I used them in college. I have since purchased five Mac laptops and an iMac, and while I'm not a graphic artist, I've pounded on them most days of my life for years and years.
Linux and Apple: Which Is the Lemon, Which Is the Lemonade?
August 23, 2012
When life gives you lemons, everyone knows you should make lemonade. But what if life gives you Linux on a Retina MacBook Pro? That, too, has been shockingly referred to as a "lemon" in recent days, but the solution there isn't so clear. "If you are planning to buy one of the new Apple MacBook Pro notebooks with a Retina Display for use under Linux, hold off on your purchase," warned Phoronix's Michael Larabel.
Cupertino Invites Cable Cos. Into Apple TV
August 17, 2012
The introduction of a revolutionary new TV set from Apple may not happen next quarter, but it may be getting closer. Apple is in hush-hush negotiations with some of the largest cable providers in the U.S. to allow their subscribers to replace their set-top boxes with Apple's, according to a report.
AAPL Investors Hold Hands Out for Long-Awaited Dividend
August 15, 2012
Apple shareholders will be paid a dividend on Thursday as part of the company's $10 billion share buyback program announced in March. Starting on Aug. 16, shareholders of record will receive $2.65 per share each quarter. When it announced the dividend, Apple was coming off a quarter that blew away Wall Street expectations.
Where Apple's Boy Genius Went Wrong
August 9, 2012
Apple produced a set of three terrible ads that ran on television for the first part of the Olympics. They featured a cute and likeable Apple Genius boy/man out in public in his Apple Genius blue t-shirt helping hapless individuals. They didn't exactly resonate with me, but hey, any commercial that doesn't freakin' sing to me gets ignored.
Some Macs Won't Get to Lie With the Mountain Lions
July 13, 2012
When Apple releases the next version of its desktop operating system later this month, there will be glum faces among some owners of older Macs. The company has announced that six Mac models, as well as hoary versions of its defunct Xserve enterprise platform, won't be supported by OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Why It Should Be an iPod HD, Not an iPad Mini
July 12, 2012
Ever since the Amazon Kindle Fire came out late last year, I've been wondering when Apple would release a big iPod -- not a small iPad "mini," but a larger iPod sibling. On the surface, it's all just a game of semantics. What does an iPod "HD" have that an iPad "mini" does not? Or vice versa? Not much, of course, just marketing and perception, which happen to be two areas where Apple excels.
SF Won't be Picking Apples
July 11, 2012
Apple's withdrawal of its computers from the EPEAT registry is having ripple effects, including the loss of business from the city and county of San Francisco. Lke many governmental agencies, businesses and universities, San Francisco requires that its computer equipment be on the EPEAT registry. "Apple's decision has caught us off guard a bit," said Jon Walton, the city's chief information officer.
iMacs May Be Next on Apple's Retina List
July 5, 2012
Apple is gearing up production of the next generation of all-in-one iMac computers for release in October, Digitimes has reported. They will reportedly be equipped with Retina displays in a bid to outdo the competition, which is hot on Apple's heels with a combination of stronger focus on the all-in-one PC market and the coming of Windows 8.
Google Flexes Nexus' Tablet Muscles
June 30, 2012
Everyone in the tech world now suddenly wants to make their own hardware. Apple's been doing it for years, but Microsoft jumped on recently with the Surface tablet, and now Google's sort of making its own tablet too. I say "sort of" because the new Nexus 7 tablet isn't really made by Google. Like everything else in the Nexus line, it's made by a name-brand hardware builder -- in this case Asus.
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