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Intel Inside iPhones, iPads Would Let Apple Kick Samsung Out
March 8, 2013
Intel's reported plans to provide more contract manufacturing of processors are renewing speculation that it will seek a deal with Apple to make chips for its iPads and iPhones, according to published reports. That could leave Samsung, which makes chips for iOS devices, out of the picture.
Does Apple Need a Bigger Stick - or Charm School?
March 7, 2013
Apple, in so many ways, is now king of the hill. As such, behind every rock on the Web there seems to be a new charge to knock Apple down. If a competitor isn't charging the hill, Apple seems to be the target for stone-throwing. It's not that this is unexpected; the rise and fall of companies -- and Hollywood starlets -- is commonplace.
What Makes Apple's iWatch Tick?
March 5, 2013
The long-held belief that Apple is working on an iWatch gained more steam Monday, thanks to new rumors focusing on a launch later this year, along with what the watch might actually do for users. Apple may have filed scores of patent applications that include the word "wrist," but the number and detailed nature of the leaks about its plans raise the question of whether the company has loosened its famously tight grip on security.
When It Comes to Mobile Browser Speed, This Puffin Can Soar
March 4, 2013
In order to entice me away from one of Apple's standard built-in apps -- like the Web browser Safari -- I need something faster, more functional or with a slicker design. Usually, I expect a combination of these features before I'll take the leap. Puffin Web Browser by CloudMosa has been doing pretty well in the Utilities section of the iTunes App Store, hanging around as one of the top paid utilities.
Apple Offers Cash and Vouchers to Calm Irate Parents, Settle Suit
February 27, 2013
Apple has proposed a settlement of a lawsuit stemming from children making purchases within iOS applications without their parents' permission. The settlement, expected to be approved by a federal judge Friday, could cost Apple tens of millions of dollars. The class action litigation was filed in April 2011 in a federal district court in California.
BizVizz Brand Transparency App: Great Promise, Ho-Hum Delivery
February 19, 2013
Behind every big name brand is a big company. These companies might do good for the world or they might not. Or like most people, they could be inconsistent, doing good in some ways but snatching more than their fair share in others. A new app called BizVizz seeks to share information about these big companies while you are shopping.
Flaws in iOS 6.1 May Bruise Apple's Business Appeal
February 15, 2013
Recent flaws found in Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 6.1, are raising questions about whether they could tarnish the iPhone's appeal in the enterprise. Since its arrival in January, Apple has had to push a number of updates to fix problems with the OS. It released a minor upgrade, version 6.1.1, to address a connectivity issue with devices using the software.
Apple May Be Prepping an iOS Makeover
February 6, 2013
Changes to Apple's operating system and user interface might be under way, with the company restructuring the design side of operations. Since Scott Forstall, the former vice president of iOS, left the company last fall, Apple has posted job openings that indicate it is looking for employees to help "reimagine" its mobile operating system.
There's More Behind Apple's Blithe iPad Release Than Meets the Eye
January 31, 2013
Apple's corporate communications department is an oxymoron -- it barely communicates at all, at least through traditional methods like press releases. If you consider the high-profile nature of Apple, the number of products, the competition, as well as the sheer size of the company, it's odd that it puts out just a handful of press releases a year.
Amazon Makes Play for iTunes Customers
January 18, 2013
Amazon expanded its reach across Apple's music universe Thursday by enabling iOS users to purchase tunes from its MP3 store directly through the Safari Web browser. To purchase music from Amazon with an iPhone or iPod touch, users can visit the retailer's website built for the devices, browse its catalog of more than 22 million songs, and complete the buy using an Amazon account.
Apple Pushes Out WiFi Fix for iOS 6
December 19, 2012
Apple on Tuesday began pushing a fix to a WiFi bug in iOS 6 that targets the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Apple has released very little information about the fix. Its support site simply describes the 6.0.2 update as "fixes a bug that could impact WiFi." This latest fix for iOS 6 is the second since the software was released in September.
Foursquare Partnership May Give Apple a Route to Maps Success
December 19, 2012
Apple is reportedly in talks with Foursquare about a data-sharing deal that would allow it to use Foursquare's local information to help further develop its mapping application. The Foursquare mobile app uses smartphone users' locations to help them find nearby restaurants, bars or services.
New Google Maps App Lights a Beacon in iOS Darkness
December 13, 2012
iPhone users can once again find their way in the world as Google Maps was approved by Apple on Thursday and will be listed in the iTunes App Store. This comes three months after the iPhone maker removed Google Maps as a built-in feature of iOS and replaced it with what polite people called a substandard mapping solution.
USPTO Strikes Blow to Apple's Prized Multitouch Patent
December 10, 2012
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has preliminarily invalidated 20 of the claims in the so-called "Steve Jobs" patent, the second such blow dealt to Apple's IP portfolio in recent months. The Jobs moniker refers to the Apple founder's listing as the chief inventor. The patent protects the technology used in the touchscreen interface on Apple's iOS devices.
All Things Appy: 5 Best iOS Transportation Apps
December 7, 2012
The travel experience has been enhanced by the portability of the iPhone and its apps. Travel planning, making reservations, and getting information while on the road are all easier with the top five free transportation-oriented apps available for the iOS platform.
iTunes Expands to India, Russia, 54 Other Countries
December 4, 2012
The iTunes store has opened up in Russia and a slew of other countries that were previously left off its coverage map. The 56-country expansion nearly doubles the number of countries in which iTunes is now available. Turkey, India and South Africa were also part of the launch, which Apple says will feature local and international music targeted at specific audiences.
iTunes 11: I Want to Be More Impressed Than I Am
December 3, 2012
After the iTunes 11 delivery delay, I was hoping Apple was working through a seriously complicated redesign that would vastly improve my iTunes experience. Instead, we got iTunes 11, which looks like a huge improvement, but -- if anyone out in the world is at least somewhat like me -- is just a marginal improvement with some pretty shininess built into it.
iTunes 11 Introduces Powered-Up MiniPlayer
November 30, 2012
Apple released a new version of iTunes for Windows and OS X on Thursday, revamping the software's interface, refreshing the look of its store, and enhancing integration with cloud services. It was the software's first major overhaul since September 2010. In user libraries, Apple has abandoned the spreadsheet look in favor of a graphical layout consisting of thumbnails of all media content in the collection.
The Smartphone World Needs Microsoft
November 29, 2012
I admit it: When I read the news that Apple's share of U.S. smartphone sales skyrocketed with the launch of the iPhone 5 to surpass Android, I felt a momentary note of satisfaction. In the last 12 weeks, Android gobbled up 46.7 percent of smartphone sales while the iPhone nabbed 48.1 percent, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel.
Apple Kicks Maps Exec to the Curb
November 28, 2012
The Apple ax felled another executive Tuesday over the iOS 6 Maps fiasco. Richard Williamson, vice president for iOS platform services and manager of Maps, reportedly has been terminated by Senior Vice President Eddy Cue. Cue, who is responsible for iOS Maps and Siri, replaced the first casualty in the Maps mess, Scott Forstall.
Broken-Record Podcast Requests Cause iOS Data Overages
November 15, 2012
Bugs in iOS' audiovisual framework are what's causing users to exceed their data plans, reported PRX Labs, the technical arm of the Public Radio Exchange. One bug apparently causes the iOS player app to make multiple requests rapidly and close them out quickly; another causes the phone to behave as if it's connected to WiFi even when it's not.
Apple, HTC Swap Licenses to Settle Patent Case
November 13, 2012
Apple and HTC agreed to a settlement this week, shelving their years-long patent battle and agreeing to a 10-year licensing agreement. The mobile device makers have been engaged in courtroom battles over patents since 2010, when Apple accused HTC of copying certain features of the iPhone. HTC fought back, claiming Apple had infringed on several of its own wireless patents.
China's Piracy Hotbed Image Is Western Illusion, Says Official
November 12, 2012
Western media's reporting distorts China's image, making it appear less willing to fight copyright piracy than it actually is, China's top intellectual property official said Sunday during the country's Communist Party Congress. China has for years been regarded as a hotbed for intellectual property theft. In April, for instance, the U.S. put China atop its annual list of piracy offenders.
Norwegian Carrier Takes In-Flight Content to Higher Plane
October 31, 2012
Norwegian Air Shuttle, one of Scandinavia's biggest airlines, announced that in 2013 it will introduce a new-age in-flight entertainment system. The upgrade will vault in-flight media into the digital age. Carried out with Ink, which provides magazines for some 30 international carriers, the Norwegian Air Shuttle service will include free WiFi and access to an array of digital content.
Apple Saves Swiss Clock Face
October 15, 2012
Apple has negotiated an agreement with Swiss railway operator SBB that will allow Apple to use the company's patented clock face design. SBB "politely complained" to Apple last month after noticing that a clock design on iOS 6 was lifted from SBB's design. SBB released a statement Friday saying that the two sides had struck a deal, but added that terms would not be divulged.
iPhone 5 Camera Is a Rapid-Fire Wonder
October 15, 2012
When I'm interested in serious, wall-hanging photos, I turn to a large digital SLR camera with a big lens. Smartphone cameras, no matter how many megapixels of information they can store, always have teeny tiny lenses that don't collect and record light as well as dedicated cameras. The smartphone, however -- like the iPhone 5 -- has one huge advantage: I almost always have it with me.
Huawei Can't Catch a Break
October 10, 2012
Huawei wasn't mentioned by name, but...come on. Canada announced that it could exercise its right to block companies that pose a security threat to the nation's communications network. Canada invoked what it calls a "national security exception" when choosing telecommunications companies.
Can Apple Get By With 'Nobody's Perfect' Defense?
October 2, 2012
The new iPhone 5 has a bigger screen, a faster chip and a thinner display. It also has a share of problems, including complaints about WiFi performance. However, this weekend Apple reportedly fixed an iPhone 5 bug that had caused the handset to use Verizon mobile data when the phone should have been connected to a WiFi network.
iOS 6 Triggers Wonky WiFi Woes
September 28, 2012
Maps aren't the only thing causing grumbling among the Apple faithful these days. Complaints are piling up about WiFi performance, too. Customer grousing about WiFi problems has filled 93 pages at one Apple forum with beefs about disabled options, failure to link to corporate networks and logy connections.
Apple Fans Count Their iOS 6 Blessings
September 20, 2012
As the clock ticks down to the iPhone 5's Friday delivery date, diehard Apple fans can sate their hunger with Apple's other shiny new toy: iOS 6, which became available on Wednesday. Its new features include vector-based Maps functionality -- perhaps the highlight of iOS 6 -- with upgrades including detailed graphics and text, visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time traffic updates.
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