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Broken-Record Podcast Requests Cause iOS Data Overages
November 15, 2012
Bugs in iOS' audiovisual framework are what's causing users to exceed their data plans, reported PRX Labs, the technical arm of the Public Radio Exchange. One bug apparently causes the iOS player app to make multiple requests rapidly and close them out quickly; another causes the phone to behave as if it's connected to WiFi even when it's not.
Apple, HTC Swap Licenses to Settle Patent Case
November 13, 2012
Apple and HTC agreed to a settlement this week, shelving their years-long patent battle and agreeing to a 10-year licensing agreement. The mobile device makers have been engaged in courtroom battles over patents since 2010, when Apple accused HTC of copying certain features of the iPhone. HTC fought back, claiming Apple had infringed on several of its own wireless patents.
China's Piracy Hotbed Image Is Western Illusion, Says Official
November 12, 2012
Western media's reporting distorts China's image, making it appear less willing to fight copyright piracy than it actually is, China's top intellectual property official said Sunday during the country's Communist Party Congress. China has for years been regarded as a hotbed for intellectual property theft. In April, for instance, the U.S. put China atop its annual list of piracy offenders.
Norwegian Carrier Takes In-Flight Content to Higher Plane
October 31, 2012
Norwegian Air Shuttle, one of Scandinavia's biggest airlines, announced that in 2013 it will introduce a new-age in-flight entertainment system. The upgrade will vault in-flight media into the digital age. Carried out with Ink, which provides magazines for some 30 international carriers, the Norwegian Air Shuttle service will include free WiFi and access to an array of digital content.
Apple Saves Swiss Clock Face
October 15, 2012
Apple has negotiated an agreement with Swiss railway operator SBB that will allow Apple to use the company's patented clock face design. SBB "politely complained" to Apple last month after noticing that a clock design on iOS 6 was lifted from SBB's design. SBB released a statement Friday saying that the two sides had struck a deal, but added that terms would not be divulged.
iPhone 5 Camera Is a Rapid-Fire Wonder
October 15, 2012
When I'm interested in serious, wall-hanging photos, I turn to a large digital SLR camera with a big lens. Smartphone cameras, no matter how many megapixels of information they can store, always have teeny tiny lenses that don't collect and record light as well as dedicated cameras. The smartphone, however -- like the iPhone 5 -- has one huge advantage: I almost always have it with me.
Huawei Can't Catch a Break
October 10, 2012
Huawei wasn't mentioned by name, but...come on. Canada announced that it could exercise its right to block companies that pose a security threat to the nation's communications network. Canada invoked what it calls a "national security exception" when choosing telecommunications companies.
Can Apple Get By With 'Nobody's Perfect' Defense?
October 2, 2012
The new iPhone 5 has a bigger screen, a faster chip and a thinner display. It also has a share of problems, including complaints about WiFi performance. However, this weekend Apple reportedly fixed an iPhone 5 bug that had caused the handset to use Verizon mobile data when the phone should have been connected to a WiFi network.
iOS 6 Triggers Wonky WiFi Woes
September 28, 2012
Maps aren't the only thing causing grumbling among the Apple faithful these days. Complaints are piling up about WiFi performance, too. Customer grousing about WiFi problems has filled 93 pages at one Apple forum with beefs about disabled options, failure to link to corporate networks and logy connections.
Apple Fans Count Their iOS 6 Blessings
September 20, 2012
As the clock ticks down to the iPhone 5's Friday delivery date, diehard Apple fans can sate their hunger with Apple's other shiny new toy: iOS 6, which became available on Wednesday. Its new features include vector-based Maps functionality -- perhaps the highlight of iOS 6 -- with upgrades including detailed graphics and text, visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time traffic updates.
The Best Baby Monitor App Isn't Just for Babies
September 17, 2012
This Friday I know right where I'll be: waiting in my home office for my iPhone 5 to show up at my door. The problem? I might not hear the delivery driver knock knock knocking on my door. The last time I ordered a big product directly from Apple -- I think it was my iPad -- I was happily working away in my office. Maybe I was on the phone.
Passbook: Apple's Answer to the Mobile Payment Question
September 14, 2012
Apple has turned its back on a mobile payment technology used by its rivals in favor of an app-centric scheme called Passbook. The technology, Near Field Communications, was missing in the new iPhone 5 unwrapped Wednesday at a press event by Apple. Instead, Apple will be putting its support behind Passbook, which will be part of the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, expected to be released later this month.
Revamped iPods Upstage iPhone 5
September 13, 2012
Apple finally appeased the masses and unveiled its highly anticipated new products Wednesday, announcing upgrades to its iPod line along with the iPhone 5. Rumors -- many of them spot-on -- had circulated about the newest smartphone for months before the announcement, so the bigger surprise at Apple's San Francisco event was the design and capability upgrades to its music players.
iPhone 5 Is New, and That's All It Has to Be
September 12, 2012
Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, two new iPods and a greatly revamped iOS 6 on Wednesday to mixed reactions. The iPhone 5 did not beat expectations, but it's expected to sell well nonetheless. The new iPod touch and nano sparked more interest among observers. The iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest such device.
Anonymous Dumps Trove of 1 Million Stolen Apple IDs
September 4, 2012
The hacktivist group Anonymous has published 1 million universally unique identifiers belonging to Apple devices. These were among more than 12 million UDIDs stolen from the laptop of FBI Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl, the group said. Anonymous deleted personal data before releasing the data on the Internet.
Apple Tunes Out YouTube
August 7, 2012
Soon iPhone users won't see the YouTube app on their handsets and will have to go to the YouTube website from the Safari browser. Apple won't be including the app in iOS 6, as its licensing deal with YouTube is now ending. The video-sharing social networking service is now owned by Google, of course, and this could be Apple's latest move to reduce the presence of its rival.
Nuance's Nina Challenges Siri, and She Means Business
August 7, 2012
There is a new natural-language, speech-based virtual assistant in town: Nuance on Monday introduced Nina to rival Apple's Siri. Nina can be used by smartphone application developers -- or any other type of user who would like to deploy the technology's mix of speech recognition, text-to-speech and voice biometric technology, for that matter.
The Shameful, Shabby, Sorry State of the iOS App Store
August 2, 2012
It seems to me that there is a sort of constant, low hum going on about app developers complaining about the challenges of getting their apps visible on the Apple App Store. In the past, there have even been illicit services and bots designed to constantly download free apps and game Apple's ranking system, running up numbers and putting wares into the store's Top 10 list.
App Developers Tilt Toward iOS
July 25, 2012
A survey of more than 3,600 Appcelerator Titanium developers has revealed that they would rather develop mobile apps for iOS than for Android. iOS led Android by 16 percent in the Appcelerator/IDC Q2 2012 Mobile Developer Report. Fifty-three percent of the respondents believed that iOS was winning in enterprise app development, whereas only 37 percent believed Android was.
Hacker Exploits a Loophole to Score Free App Goodies
July 14, 2012
A Russian hacker has worked out a way to make in-app purchases from iOS apps without paying. The hacker, who goes by the handle "ZonD," has set up a website explaining the exploit and has urged Apple to contact him. ZonD asks visitors to his site to donate money through PayPal and other means.
Apple's Language Lapse Irks Hong Kong iTunes Users
July 6, 2012
Today in international tech news: Apple may have irked some Hong Kong users when its newly-launch iTunes store displayed song titles in a language other than Cantonese. Also: Google and Italy reach a deal that will bring newsreels and propaganda from Mussolini to the Web; and Facebook lays down a big investment in a 6,200-mile underwater Internet cable in the Pacific.
Devs Claim App Store Updates Are Coated in Crash Sauce
July 6, 2012
More than 70 iOS apps that were updated on or after July 3 are apparently crashing once they're launched, according to a few angry developers. Customers swamped Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper, on July 4 with complaints that update 4.2.3 of his app had crashed immediately on launch, minutes after it had been approved by Apple.
Chrome Bookmarks and Tabs Shine Across All iDevices
July 3, 2012
Despite the blood feud going on between Apple and Google, the latter has successfully landed a mobile version of Chrome in the former's iOS App Store. For iPhone and iPad users who are fond of Chrome on the desktop, this could get interesting. Chrome for iOS promises some nice-looking syncing abilities that allow you to automatically make your mobile browsing experience match what you do on your desktop.
Apple Products See the Unpolished Side of Chrome
June 29, 2012
Mac owners have been having more than a few headaches with Google's Chrome browser. Owners of new Macbook Airs have been complaining for several days that their devices have been freezing or crashing when they use the Chrome browser. Google confirmed that the problem is a leak of graphics resources in the Chrome browser related to the drawing of plugins on Mac OS X.
iOS Maps Goes On Location With Yelp
June 26, 2012
Apple's upcoming, self-made Maps app for iOS will include a check-in feature that ties in with review site Yelp, further integrating social networking and location-based services into iOS 6, according to a report from Bloomberg. The new integration will allow iPhone users to check in right on Apple's Maps screen rather than access the site via Yelp's separate app.
Will iPad Scratch the Surface, or Vice Versa?
June 20, 2012
Despite Android device makers' best efforts, Apple has ruled the tablet market for years with its iPad line. But one of the company's oldest rivals will soon come knocking, and this week it showed off just how it plans to enter the tablet scene. Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will be built with tablets in mind -- that much has been known for many months.
MacBookius Superior: Apple's New Super-Powered Mutant
June 16, 2012
The bulk of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference basically amounts to a massive teach-in for makers of Apple software. But each year the event is kicked off with a traditional big-production Apple keynote, and ever since the company kicked MacWorld to the curb, that keynote has often served as an occasion to roll out some major new hardware upgrades.
Time Catches Up With Apple's Newsstand
June 15, 2012
A major holdout from Apple's online Newsstand announced Thursday it's bringing 20 of its consumer magazine titles to the outlet. Time said monthly and yearly subscriptions, as well as single copies, will be available at the online store launched by Apple last year, along with the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5.0.
WWDC: New Friendships Forged, Old Bonds Broken
June 13, 2012
Apple executives once again took the stage this week to show off the company's new software and hardware initiatives at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This was the first time CEO Tim Cook took the helm at a WWDC keynote. He and other company executives presented conference-goers with a first look at Apple's upcoming version of iOS.
Apple Puts Siri in the Driver's Seat
June 12, 2012
Along with the new software and hardware offerings Apple announced on Monday came a list of automakers that will partner with Cupertino to tie their cars to Siri. A new version of the virtual personal assistant will be released with iOS 6. The roster of carmakers includes Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota.
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