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CRM's Collaboration Conundrum
January 7, 2014
CRM has gained significant attention and adoption among businesses eager to enhance their processes for building and maintaining customer relationships, thanks to industry visionaries such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. However, there's a major element of effective sales strategy that CRM systems neglect to address: collaboration. True collaboration requires more than data.
Zamurai Whiteboard App Makes Brainstorming a Breeze
December 2, 2013
If you've spent a good portion of your life sitting around a table with colleagues who need to plan and strategize, then you've likely used old-school markers to jot notes on sheets of white paper -- or on dry-erase whiteboards. There is a better way. Enter Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard for iOS, a well-designed app that lets you drag and drop handy and commonly used icons onto your whiteboard.
IBM, Google, Nvidia and Pals Launch OpenPower
August 19, 2013
In parsing any announcement, it's good to keep an eye on 1) what is being done; 2) who is involved; and 3) how and why the world will be different if they succeed. In the case of the OpenPower Consortium, the effort is grounded in IBM's decision to make its Power microprocessor architecture and related technologies fully available to partners and customers.
Firefox 22: Look Ma, No Plug-ins!
June 26, 2013
Firefox 22, launched by the Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday, supports voice calling, video chat and peer-to-peer file sharing through the browser without plug-ins, thanks to full support for the WebRTC application programming interface. Firefox and Google Chrome support WebRTC, but currently Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari browser do not.
Crowdsourcing Entertainment Marketing via Social Media
June 17, 2013
Movie studios and TV networks increasingly are turning to social media for help with generating buzz about their upcoming releases and programming. Communities are building around favorite movie franchises and TV shows. Have movie and show producers really been listening -- and if they have, has anything changed because of what they've heard? Yes -- and maybe.
iRobot Remotely Goes Where You Want to Go, Sees What You Want to See
June 10, 2013
iRobot has announced the Ava 500, a robot that lets users conduct video conferences while on the move. The device was developed and will be marketed in close alliance with Cisco. It consists of a Cisco personal telepresence system -- essentially a two-way videoconference screen with associated technology -- mounted on a smart pedestal from iRobot that stands at about 5 feet 5 inches.
Feds to Open Data Access in a Big Way
May 29, 2013
Making money from accessing the vast amounts of information collected by the U.S. government, such as Census Bureau data, has been the basis for many commercial enterprises. Now the U.S. government has undertaken a new Open Data Policy -- a major effort to make tons of federal information from all agencies more accessible for the general public and the business community.
Integration Plus Intelligence Equals Multichannel Campaign Success
May 23, 2013
The personality inventory known as the "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" is premised on the idea that different people process information in different ways. Some people are verbal processors. Others are visual processors. Some people respond more strongly to images -- others to text. The most effective way to learn is to map the different learning styles to each individual's characteristic strengths.
Google Tears Down the Storage Walls
May 14, 2013
Google has consolidated the storage allowances for its various products. It will now provide 15 GB of free storage space for use across Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Before, Google gave users 10 GB for Gmail and 5 GB to be used for Drive and Google+ Photos. Google is also updating its Google Drive storage page with pie charts displaying how those 15 GB are being allocated.
Salesforce Communities Pick Up Where Portals Left Off
May 3, 2013
Salesforce has announced that a product it first unveiled last summer, Salesforce Communities, will go live this summer. Since its original debut, Communities has been tweaked to take into account user views and feedback. Salesforce's user community got a taste of similar functionality last month with the company's rollout of Chatter Topics and Expertise.
Asana Positions Itself for the Enterprise
May 2, 2013
Asana on Wednesday announced Organizations, a feature that stakes its claim in the enterprise space. What is new with Organizations is its scalability; it is designed to support companies of 100 employees or more. Asana was launched by Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz and Google and Facebook veteran Justin Rosenstein, and there are more than a few similarities between Asana and Facebook.
Power to the Wiki-People
April 20, 2013
Earlier this month, agents for France's top intelligence agency were accused of trying to force a Wikipedia volunteer to remove a Wikipedia page describing a French military radio relay station. The volunteer, a library curator, reportedly was threatened with jail unless he complied. Before any of the bullying took place, the DCRI had gone the conventional route, contacting the Wikimedia Foundation, which is Wikipedia's parent organization.'s New Mobile Chatter Expands the Conversation
March 22, 2013 has rolled out the latest iteration of its Chatter app designed specifically for the mobile environment. "With this version, we are taking [it] to a new level, allowing users to really drill down into accounts and take many different types of actions while in the field," said Michael Peachy, senior director of solutions marketing at Salesforce.
Google Peels Away Some of North Korea's Mystery
January 30, 2013
Google has added more detail to its map of North Korea this week, giving users a better glimpse into the infrastructure of the highly secretive country. Much of the map is still relatively blank compared with Google's detailed maps of other countries. In some parts, though, the map shows information such as roads, schools, parks and waterways, especially near the capital and largest city, Pyongyang.
Cisco Lets Virtual Desktop Users Get In on Its Jabber
January 17, 2013
Cisco on Thursday announced the Virtualization Experience Media Engine, new software that will extend its Jabber unified communications application to virtualized workspace environments. VXME will initially be available on thin clients from Cisco. Support for Dell Wyse thin clients, Windows-based thin clients and Windows PCs will follow.
Zoho Update Gooses Sales Productivity
January 11, 2013
Although Zoho routinely updates its CRM application every few months or so, its latest release is far from routine, according to Zoho Evangelist Raju Vegesna, who described it as a step forward in collaborative productivity. "Essentially we added three new features, all of which focused on improving the productivity and collaborative capabilities of the sales person," he said.
Zurmo: Playing Games Is Serious Business
January 4, 2013
Last summer, open source CRM provider Zurmo threw its hat into the CRM ring with a beta version of its particular take on the hot new gamification software category. The theory is simple: CRM, especially sales force automation, has notoriously poor user adoption figures. Why not use some of the fun features people are accustomed to seeing in games and social media to drive adoption?
OpenSUSE's Jos Poortvliet: Collaborate or Become Obsolete
December 4, 2012
Last month, Jos Poortvliet's job as openSUSE community manager brought his career full-circle. He was chosen to lead a discussion on open governance at the Summit of New Thinking in Berlin. The open innovation concept is what got him interested in free software communities while studying organizational psychology, and it's an idea he tries to merge into growing the openSUSE community.
Google Puts Huge Files in Gmail/Drive's Cargo Bay
November 28, 2012
Google is integrating its Google Drive cloud storage service with Gmail, letting users send files 400 times larger than previously allowed. Gmail now will send links to files up to 10 GB stored on Google Drive from inside the Gmail interface. Google also put privacy protections in place for the new feature.
Feds, US Businesses to Link Arms on Cybersecurity
November 7, 2012
The ever-changing and ever-expanding quest to keep information technology systems secure requires collaboration and coordination among government and business enterprises. To foster such joint efforts, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has put out the word to U.S. businesses to propose ideas and literally work side by side with federal counterparts to develop effective cybersecurity programs.
Dotcom Suits Up for Another Round in File-Sharing Wars
November 1, 2012
Alleged digital pirate and German Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom on Thursday announced plans for Mega, a service that would replace his shut down file-sharing website Megaupload. The new Mega -- besides dropping a few letters form the name of the service -- will reportedly avoid any dealings with the United States.
Iceland: Where Citizens Govern via Facebook
October 27, 2012
Iceland recently drafted a new constitution, a noteworthy event for two reasons: first, because new constitutions aren't all that common and second, because citizens were invited to participate via social networking sites. While not Iceland's most pure example of crowdsourcing, the constitutional update made extensive use of public input.
Icelanders Give Crowdsourced Constitution Warm Reception
October 23, 2012
Voters in Iceland have responded favorably to the government's offer to let them participate in drafting the nation's new constitution. The idea to let citizens chime in online, namely via Facebook and Twitter, was hatched by 25 people on the Constitutional Council, which was tasked with devising a new constitution.
Box Embed Tools Tear Down Content Walls
October 9, 2012
Box on Tuesday unveiled Box Embed, a new HTML5-based framework, at its Boxworks 2012 conference in San Francisco. This lets users embed Box's various features -- uploads, search, comments, sharing and file edits -- easily in their website, forum or blog. The company also announced that 10 enterprise software partners, including Oracle, SugarCRM, NetSuite and Zendesk, will use Box Embed in their apps.
White House Mobilizes Devs for App Upgrade
September 5, 2012
The White House launched new versions of its mobile app Tuesday, releasing the app source code along with the new version in an invitation for developers to tinker with the revamped iOS and Android apps. The apps, which have been rebuilt from the ground up, now feature live video streams of White House events and access to 99 percent of the content on Chatter Unlocks Doors to Enterprise Collaboration
May 25, 2012 is adding more functionality to its Chatter tool -- in this case, real-time communication capabilities. The two new features soon to be available are Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing. Chatter Messenger is an instant messaging application to be used within the Chatter application. When it launches as part of's Summer release in a few weeks, it will give users live chat functionality.
Tiny Welsh Burg Paints the Town Wiki
May 21, 2012
Monmouth, Wales, has become the first "Wikipedia town," making it an area of international interest as it informally redubbed itself "Monmouthpedia." The Saturday event was attended by 70 to 75 people, said project leader John Cummings -- a sizable group for the area. That day, some 1,100 QR codes that Cummings, volunteers and city officials had placed on various points of interest around the town went live.
Sapphire Now: It's a Mobile, Social, Cloudy, Collaborative World
May 15, 2012
The Sapphire Now conference kicked off Monday in Orlando, Fla., with 60,000 customers, partners and employees of SAP participating, either at the conference facility or watching it online. The first day of the event offered the usual lineup of celebrity speakers -- corporate and otherwise -- with Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong featured in the morning and SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott in the afternoon.
When Wikipedia Vandals Attack
May 10, 2012
If you've been involved in a project that has been documented on Wikipedia and has earned its own Wikipedia page, it can be disconcerting to visit one day and see the page vandalized, as happened to an associate of mine recently. This incident led to a frantic email exchange. One consideration was how to deal with the problem without getting tagged as the vandal -- Wikipedia is collaborative, after all.
Social, Mobile and Collaboration: 3 Tips for Getting on the Road
April 19, 2012
"You can't get there from here." That's the classic gag about New Englanders giving road directions -- that somehow, the route that needs to be taken is so convoluted and confusing that there's no way to negotiate between two points on the surface of the Earth. Logically, we know that's not true. You can get anywhere from anywhere these days -- especially if you can rely on transportation that doesn't need to stick to the roads.
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