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The IT Project-Tracking Database: Keep Your Key People in the Loop
August 9, 2010
Information Technology is a project-centric industry. Every task is either performed as a part of a project or constitutes rollup toward creating a new project. No individual, organization, department or company can escape the rigor of discipline and perseverance that project management enforces as prerequisites for success.
As the Cloud Shapes B2B, B2B Shapes the Cloud
August 7, 2010
As more services, applications, and data are developed for -- and delivered via -- cloud models, how do business-to-business commerce and procurement adapt? Or, perhaps we have the cart in front of the horse. Are the new requirements and expectations of modern, global business processes, in fact, driving the demand for IT solutions that can be best delivered via cloud models?
Google Wave, We hardly Knew Ye
August 5, 2010
Google announced on Wednesday that it has killed off Google Wave, the sharing and communication Web app it kicked off last year. Wave "has not seen the user adoption we would have liked," wrote Urs Holzle, Google's senior vice president of operations. Google won't continue developing Wave as a standalone product.
Testing the Waters Before Taking the Enterprise VoIP Plunge
August 4, 2010
Now, more than ever, businesses want to work smarter and outdistance their competition to gain an edge. As a result, many are adopting converged communications technologies such as VoIP, collaboration, workforce mobility, and unified communications to accomplish these objectives.
The Week of Leaks
July 31, 2010
Wikileaks this week let fly with a gusher of data, and at 90,000 documents strong, it's being called the biggest informational leak in the history of the U.S. military. The site has published tens of thousands of sensitive reports, memos and files regarding the war in Afghanistan, and analysts are just beginning to pick through them, digest them, and assess their full scope.
Torrent of Public Facebook Info Fires Up Privacy Debate
July 29, 2010
It's likely not illegal, and it may not even be improper, but the fact that security consultant Ron Bowes gathered and aggregated the information from about 100 million Facebook profiles has created quite a stir. Bowes created his data torrent to aid the development of a password-cracking-protection tool, he has said.
Judge on DRM: Non-Pirates May Hack Away
July 26, 2010
Hacking the technological protections built into copyrighted digital material in order to view or use the content does not necessarily contravene the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans ruled on Friday. The move could send shock waves through the music, TV and movie industries, as well as companies in the business of digital protection.
Wikileaks Plunges Political World Into Turmoil
July 26, 2010
In what's been called the "biggest leak in intelligence history," more than 90,000 classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan came to light on Sunday and are wreaking havoc in political circles around the globe. Covering the period from January 2004 to December 2009, the reports were published Sunday by whistle-blowing site Wikileaks.
The Architect and the CSO: Enterprise Security's Dynamic Duo
July 24, 2010
Welcome to a panel discussion that examines the need for improved common defenses -- including advancing cooperation between enterprise architects and chief security officers -- to jointly defend against burgeoning cyber security threats. The risks are coming from inside enterprises, as well as myriad external sources.
The CIO's Guide to Business-Class Video
July 9, 2010
As the enterprise progresses toward the goal of proving fully immersive and collaborative capabilities to remote individuals, it is important to realize the value of video not only as a technological achievement, but as a practical business enhancement.
A Note-Slinging Dynamic Duo
July 7, 2010
The drawback with using most note-taking applications on any platform is that they are limited in the type of data you can put into them. For instance, simple text editors ignore Internet and content links. Plus, you cannot import graphics. Even word-processing programs, which overcome the links and graphics deficiencies, lack the tree structure that makes storing and viewing notes quick and useful.
App Development: New Rules for a New Game, Part 3
July 1, 2010
Application development in the cloud requires special data models such as schema-less and sometimes typeless databases, and that could lead to a new battleground in which the major players such as Microsoft, IBM and HP will come out with their own data models and back-end platforms.
The Real Killer App Inside Chatter
June 29, 2010
They say we have big brains because we have all needed to work better together over the past 150,000 years. The more people work together, the more tools they need to make collaboration a productive art, rather than a befuddled mess. Rather than wait for human evolution to keep up the pace, recently delivered its Chatter cloud-based collaboration service.
The CIO's Perspective on Unified Communications
June 26, 2010
The top pressures and strategic actions identified by Aberdeen's study of Best-in-Class companies indicate that unified communications must support both internal and external business pressures. Although companies have traditionally used a bifurcated approach of external-facing contact center and internal-facing telecom deployment for employees, this approach is increasingly irrelevant.
Let the Collaboration Era Begin
June 24, 2010
Tell them what you are going to say, say it, and then tell them what you told them. The rule of three, that's the approach to its market outreach, and it has served them well over the last decade. Tuesday was part three of the Chatter cycle, in which the company culminated nearly a year of activity by announcing general availability of the product. Pushes More Chatter in the Workplace
June 22, 2010 has made its latest product, Chatter, generally available for its 77,300 customers. First unveiled as a private beta earlier this year, Chatter is a real-time social collaboration application and platform for the enterprise. It allows employees to send feeds and status updates about projects, account and clients, as well as maintain profiles.
The End of Project Failure
June 22, 2010
More than ever before, project managers are looking to technology help mitigate the risk of project failure. According to a recent list of Top 10 Project Management Trends, "the implementation of new PPM solutions [in 2010] will soar. The reason is clear: Project failure rates continue to climb.
The New Business Sustainability Paradigm
June 18, 2010
Enterprise 2.0 came to Boston this week, and that made me happy because it is one of a very small number of events that I don't fly to. Being a native, it's nice to take the train into the city and to be able to sleep at home. Despite this convenience, I was only able to attend on Tuesday, and I concentrated on the vendor show floor at the expense of missing some very good keynotes and sessions.
App Development: New Rules for a New Game, Part 2
June 16, 2010
Social networking is becoming increasingly important as a business tool, with businesses moving toward concepts like Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0. This requires a new approach to application development, where capabilities for feeds and profiles are incorporated into apps during coding; apps become push, not pull; and the interface becomes touch, not click.
Juggling Risk in the Cloud Security Circus
June 12, 2010
Today's headlines point to more sophisticated and large-scale and malicious online activities. For some folks, therefore, the consensus seems to be that the cloud computing model and vision are not up to the task when it comes to security. But at the RSA Conference earlier this year, a panel came together to talk about security and cloud computing.
The New Social Business Model: Reaping the Benefits of Online Communities
June 11, 2010
A lot of folks look down their noses at the prospect of Facebook penetrating the corporate world in a meaningful fashion. In fact, many people believe that the IT community will do everything possible to resist this prospect because of the security, privacy and compliance issues surrounding the social network.
The Power of Enterprise-Wide Brainstorming Tools
May 28, 2010
On May 3, SuccessFactors, a business execution solution, purchased CubeTree for $20 million in stock and a $30 million cash payment, contingent on the performance of SuccessFactor's stock over the next three years. This article will analyze this purchase, provide contextual background on this deal, and provide recommendations to companies seeking to improve their corporate collaboration.
A Red-Letter Week for CRM
May 26, 2010
Last week was busy in a good way, and also in ways that we have not seen in a while -- and at least some of that busy-ness showed promise for the economy and our industry. In no particular order, Cloud9 Analytics announced it closed its C round financing, SAP held its user meeting in Orlando, Sage held its partner meeting in Denver, and Microsoft sued Salesforce.
The Reinvention of VoIP
May 26, 2010
Voice over IP technology is getting a makeover, and service providers hope it will reinvent the industry. There's a shift away from VoIP toward hosted unified communications -- that is, integrated voice, instant messenger, email, workflow applications, CRM and procurement.
Google Street View's Wandering WiFi Eye
May 22, 2010
To create its Street View service, Google sends fleets of cars to drive around cities all over the world and take pictures with the 360-degree cameras they have strapped to their roofs. The result is many things to many people: a convenient source of information, a depressing reminder that your home is ugly, an enduring memento of that time you ducked into an alley and thought nobody was looking, etc.
When to Give Customers What They Didn't Ask For: Q&A With CMO Kendall Collins
May 17, 2010
Over the years, has gradually transformed itself from being a CRM company to a cloud services provider. Along the way, it partnered with leading-edge Web 2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, and most recently, it teamed up with virtualization giant VMware to offer VMforce, a new platform for application developers.
Will Verizon's Gooblet Be a Droiblet or a Chroblet?
May 15, 2010
When it became clear that the iPad was seriously going to take off, some very important people at some very large companies made a decision: You are going to buy a tablet computer whether you like it or not. It doesn't have to be an iPad. Might be Windows, Android, webOS, or something not even invented yet, but you'll have one.
Court Defeat Puts LimeWire Back in the Limelight
May 14, 2010
Is it 2005 or 2010? That's what many music industry observers may be asking themselves after U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood ruled Wednesday that online file-sharing software provider LimeWire has been infringing on the copyrights of creative artists in general, and recording industry companies, specifically.
Whose Wikipedia Is It, Anyway?
May 14, 2010
Please don't get the wrong idea about this column; I have nothing against crowdsourcing. Some of my best friends belong to crowds. I also have nothing against the concept of a "free, Web-based, collaborative multilingual encyclopedia project," as Wikipedia defines itself.
Fixing IT's Personality Problem
May 1, 2010
I'm not saying that IT departments have a PR problem, but when was the last time you saw a button saying, "Hug an IT person today"? What I am saying is that IT is largely misunderstood outside the walls of the IT environment. And the crusty silos inside of IT can make their own cultural connections tenuous, too.
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