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Banks in the Crosshairs: 8 Ways Cybercriminals Outfox Strong Security Controls

These days, cybercriminals are successfully circumventing advanced security controls with the precision of a sniper. In the crosshairs are banks, financial institutions, governments and enterprises. In a recent Gartner survey, 76 U.S. banks indicated that malware-based attacks were a growing problem and that fraudsters were able to defeat defenses such as advanced profiling systems, risk-based authentication and even most strong authentication methods...


Malware in the Office, in the Sky and on the Phone

"This is the first time we've seen a scheme that lures users into resetting the phone number they use to receive SMS verification codes," Amit Klein, chief technology officer of Trusteer told TechNewsWorld This attack is carried out against desktop computers, Klein said....


3 Enterprise Security Bugaboos That Are Only Getting Worse

As we round the bend into the second half of 2011, enterprises face a triple threat on the IT security front. These threats won't be easily addressed merely by updating anti-virus programs. Some attacks will be capable of reaching even the security-minded users ...

Internet Explorer Flaw Lets Hackers Into the Cookie Jar

"The problem is with Internet Explorer allowing a specific file (the cookies file) to be loaded into an IFrame in a page," Amit Klein, chief technology officer at Trusteer, told TechNewsWorld. "In theory no such file should be loaded into an IFrame." Valotta on Cookiejacking...

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