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CMOs, Analytics and the Great Revenue Chase

As companies head out into the brave new post-recession world, the top two goals for marketers are organic revenue growth (37 percent) and margin growth (41 percent), according to Aberdeen's Q4 2010 Business Review. To help achieve these objectives, marketing budgets grew by an average of 4 percent for 2011, chief marketing officers reported. The crucial question, then, is this: How do CMOs invest that marketing budget wisely to maximize gains?...


Mobile BI: Actionable Intelligence for the Agile Enterprise

The global economic downturn may have slowed, but it is not over. Yet in some respects, it appears more of a global restructuring than simply a global slowdown. It has already substantially realigned markets and galvanized economic changes that were nascent before the recession. ...


Governing the Wild, Wild WAN

We're here now to discuss the new reality of networks and applications delivery performance with Peter Schmidt, chief technology officer, North America, for Ipanema Technologies; and David White, vice president of global business development at Ipanema. The panel is moderated by BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions...


Analytics ‘R’ Us

"So that has the potential to spur its adoption. Its use inacademia can be an appealing factor," David White, senior researcheranalyst for the Aberdeen Group, told LinuxInsider R Gets A+...


Putting Support Centers In High Gear With Enterprise Search

Aberdeen Group's September 2009 report "Enterprise Search - Discover the Next Opportunity for Growth" investigated the strategies and tactics companies have used to drive productivity and improve customer service using enterprise search. In that report, Aberdeen used four key performance criteria to distinguish Best-in-Class companies -- the 20 percent of companies that achieved the stronger gains in productivity and reduced customer support costs, when compared to all other companies.

Analysis: Veramark’s Performance Advisor for Telecom and IT Expenses

This article draws on two discrete data sets: BI deployments of over 270 respondents in Aberdeen Group's April 2009 benchmark report, Moving Past Spreadsheets: What You Need to Know about BI Deployment Strategies; and the telecom lifecycle management solutions of 140 respondents in the March 2009 benchmark report, Telecom Lifecycle Management: The C-Suite Guide to Saving Millions in Corporate Costs.


Getting a Grip on Business Intelligence TCO

IT and business management are increasingly expressing alarm at rising costs associated with business intelligence (BI) implementations. The fear of hidden costs has kept many companies from making an investment, and many adopters have found that the costs related to ongoing support and maintenance of an ever-changing set of analytical and reporting requirements inhibits user penetration and the ability to manage the total cost of ownership (TCO)...

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