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Social Security: Guarding Your Identity in Online Networks

Without a doubt, the growth of social networking has exploded in recent years and has added value to the Internet by providing yet another exciting way for citizens all over the world to connect and interact. In fact, social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and many smaller sites have become the preferred way many people communicate today as well as a growing business development tool.


Pinning Down Enterprise Data Security in the Cloud

As a growing number of enterprises transition to cloud computing, the use of the term "cloud" becomes more appropriate by the day. Just as natural clouds foreshadow weather events ranging from calm to stormy, cloud computing presents enterprise security professionals with a host of difficult challenges. However, no matter how many challenges arise, cloud computing is here to stay as part of the information-driven world environment that all enterprises work within today. ...

Public Ransom Demand Distinguishes Va. Breach in a Data-at-Risk World

In fact, attempted blackmail using stolen digital records "happens more often than we realize in the corporate world," Rob Douglas, editor of, told theE-Commerce Times. "There is no doubt these types of hacks occur far more than we hear about." That's becau...

How often do you receive an email that you suspect is fraudulent?
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