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Firms Develop 'Asian' Linux

By Staff LinuxInsider ECT News Network
Aug 23, 2005 2:00 PM PT

Japanese, Chinese and South Korean firms have jointly developed an Asian version of the Linux operating system, and are preparing to unveil the Chinese and Korean versions in Beijing on Thursday.

Firms Develop 'Asian' Linux

The new software, Asianux 2.0, was developed by Miracle Linux Corp., which is partly owned by Oracle Japan and NEC; Red Flag Software, a software developer affiliated with the Chinese government; and South Korean firm Haansoft.

The three firms announced their launch schedule at LinuxWorld earlier this month.

After the operating system's twin release on Thursday, a Japanese version will follow in October.

The firms also said the technology has already been selected for a large Linux-based project -- supporting the National Education Information System (NEIS) -- in Korea.

The joint enterprise is one of the projects of the three-nation Northeast Asia Open Source Software Promotion Forum.

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