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Wiki Your Way to a Well-Planned Trip

By ECT News Staff
Aug 31, 2006 11:00 AM PT

Nice or Marseille? Grand hotel or quaint B&B? Riverside picnic or quiet village bistro? When you're planning a trip, you're sure to have questions, and for many, that means turning to friends, books, travel agents and, of course, the Internet.

Wiki Your Way to a Well-Planned Trip

The Web's got a wealth of tools, to be sure, and the offerings get more varied and interesting every day. Wiki technology, the collaborative authoring system behind popular reference sites such as Wikipedia, is now beginning to make its way into the online travel arena.

The appeal of wiki in this area is simple: Fellow travelers who've either visited the places you're thinking of traveling to -- or even people who currently live in those destinations -- get a designated place to give you the inside scoop on where to go, what to avoid, what to see. The challenge for wikis, though, is getting enough user participation to make a Web user's visit worthwhile.

In this exclusive ECT News podcast, editor Shannon Peavey offers her take on using wikis for travel planning.

Listen to Shannon Peavey's podcast on travel wikis (7:40 minutes)

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