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Samsung Shows Its Softer Side

By David Vranicar
Jun 19, 2012 9:12 AM PT

Kwon Oh-Hyun, the new chief executive of South Korea-based Samsung Electronics, said Monday that the company would invest more on software, according to AFP.

Samsung Shows Its Softer Side

Kwon, who was named the new chief earlier this month, said that the company would work to create an "absolute lead" in the software market.

Samsung is the world's top smartphone manufacturer as well as the world's biggest producer of flat-screens and memory chips. The company's top-selling smartphones run on Google's Android.

Report: Laptops, Smartphone, Tablets Pose Health Risk

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, an organization in the UK, issued a report stating that people are risking their health by becoming "screen slaves," according to the BBC.

Back and neck pain is often the result of people using smartphones, tablets and laptops while commuting or while at home, according to the report. It found that people are piling on more than two hours of screentime after the work day has ended, the BBC said.

Along with posture erosion, after-hours work can also cause stress-related illness, Helena Johnson, chairwoman of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, told the BBC.

Autocomplete Accusations

A Japanese man is suing Google on the grounds that the search engine's autocomplete feature links his name to criminal acts, according to The Register.

The man, who wasn't named in the article, filed suit in the Tokyo District Court. He wants Google to remove the offensive autocomplete for his name and is seeking compensation for embarrassment.

The man claims that he lost his job several years ago because of the autocomplete feature, according to an article in The Japan Times. Moreover, he claims that autocomplete has helped keep him unemployed by sullying his name with potential employers.

This is not the first complaint about Google's autocomplete. Google lost a case in Italy last year after a man took exception to autocomplete linking his name with words meaning "con man" and "fraud," according to The Register. In May, a French anti-discrimination group alleged that autocomplete was rendering anti-Semitic results.

Goalmouth Action

A deaf German is using her blog and Twitter account to transcribe the German national team's on-field conversations at the European Championships, according to German outlet Der Spiegel.

Thirty-year-old Julia Probst, whose Twitter handle is @EinAugenschmaus, had achieved notoriety before this month's Euro Cup 2012, a tournament featuring 16 national teams from around Europe. German ABC News picked hers as one of the 2011's top 10 Twitter handles in Germany, and her blog has long been popular.

But her star is rising. At the time of that Der Spiegel article, she had about 7,700 followers on Twitter; now, nearly 13,000. And she could achieve more notoriety yet, as the German team romped into the Euro Cup quarterfinals with a perfect 3-0 record. Germany will next play Greece in a game rife with political baggage -- and, possibly, on-field banter.

Google Maps Set to Float

Google Maps will chart the towpaths -- the routes that go alongside a canal or river -- in England and Wales so users can use the service to plan trips that include waterways, according to The Guardian.

Starting Tuesday, Google Maps will be updated to include bridges, locks and 2,000 miles of canal and river paths, according to the article.

Tech Trek is a blog that looks at tech news from around the world. David Vranicar is a freelance journalist currently living in the Netherlands. His ECT News Network archive, with links to articles and podcasts, is available here. You can email him at

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