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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: FBI Hacker Sleuths Hint At Power-Grid Disaster 17-Dec-00 01:16:13 ET

Story Highlights:“The network in question was stupidly configured for anonymous FTP login with read and write privileges, pretty much a welcome mat for anyone in cyberspace to post and retrieve files as they please…”

* * *

“The incident occurred because hopelessly incompetent network administrators essentially left the door open, the lights on, and set out milk and cookies for their anonymous guests. Technically speaking, they left the writable FTP directory…”

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Newsbytes: Special San Diego Prosecutors To Target Cybercrime 18-Dec-00 08:41:29 ET

Story Highlights:“A team of three federal prosecutors in San Diego will reportedly begin a new task involving exclusively investigating and prosecuting computer crimes in a two-county area saturated with sensitive military…”

* * *

“The team will be headed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Barbara Major, according to a report by United Press International, and will concentrate on federal computer-related crimes, including hacker intrusions and threats sent over the Internet…”

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BBC: Cybercrime treaty draws fire from campaigners 18-Dec-00 09:25:24 ET

Story Highlights:“A draft European treaty on cybercrime has been condemned as ‘appalling’ by civil liberty groups around the globe…”

* * *

“Since 1997 the 41-nation Council of Europe has been working on the Cybercrime Treaty which tries to harmonise laws against malicious hacking, virus writing, fraud and child pornography on the net, and to ensure that police forces in separate countries…”

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ZDNET UK: EU Plans For E-Crime Laws 18-Dec-00 10:24:57 ET

Story Highlights:“The Council of Europe was expected, last week, to ratify a draft treaty to combat online crime, aiming to harmonise laws in the EU, U.S., Canada and other states…”

* * *

“Security expert Neil Barrett called it a major step forward, but said it ‘hasn’t gone wide enough, in terms of the [non-EU] states that have been included.’ However, others said that without amendment the proposals would give police too much power…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

PCWEEK: The Year Of The Killer Hackers 18-Dec-00 00:39:43 ET

Story Highlights:“Year 2000 is ending as it began, with a DDoS attack threatening a large part of the Internet and failing security efforts fueling IT fears…”

* * *

“The latest distributed denial-of-service attempt was broken up last week in Denmark, where hackers took control of at least 50 zombie servers and were preparing an assault on that country’s systems. Authorities arrested a 17-year-old suspected of being connected to the attempt…”

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Computer User: Kakworm Beats Love Bug In Sophos Annual Virus Charts 17-Dec-00 03:10:47 ET

Story Highlights:“The first annual virus reports chart from Sophos reveals that the infamous Love Bug virus was beaten into second slot by Kakworm…”

* * *

“The antivirus company’s chart, which was compiled from reports of calls and other messages to Sophos Antivirus’ support staff by its customers, acknowledges that Love Bug was a ‘chart hit’ in May of this year, but was beaten by Kakworm…”

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