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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Info World: No Credit Card Info Stolen, Says Egghead.com 08-Jan-01 09:29:49 ET

Story Highlights:“No customer credit card information was stolen in last month’s attack on Egghead.com’s computer systems, the company’s president and CEO, Jeff Sheahan, said in an e-mail to the company’s registered customers…”

* * *

“Credit card companies report that fewer than 7,500 credit card accounts appearing in Egghead’s customer database show ‘suspected fraudulent activity,’ Sheahan said…”

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E-Commerce Times: Credit Cards Safe Despite Hack, Egghead Says 08-Jan-01 10:39:35 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer products e-tailer Egghead.com (Nasdaq: EGGS) said Monday that no credit card data was breached when its systems were broken into last month…”

* * *

“Egghead said that all information it has gathered has been turned over to the FBI, which is conducting an ongoing investigation into the incident. As part of its continued crackdown on cybercrime, the FBI said Friday that…”

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ZDNET UK: Virus Attacks Bring Few Ills for Holidays 08-Jan-01 07:39:24 ET

Story Highlights:“Last month saw a proliferation of new viruses and variants, released to capitalise on email greetings being sent over Christmas. However, most should not concern IT managers, according to experts…”

* * *

“Antivirus software developer, McAfee, said that in December it identified 1,000 incidents in which computers had become infected with seasonally themed viruses. But the company added…”

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Ananova: Victims Put Faith in Online Rewards, Not Police 06-Jan-01 09:59:53 ET

Story Highlights:“Japanese victims of crime are giving up on the police and offering rewards on the Internet for information leading to the return of stolen goods or the capture of criminals…”

* * *

“Web Inspectors, a Tokyo-based non-profitmaking organisation which helps the victims of cybercrime, claims it receives 10-20 new cases of personal information being released on Web sites each month…”

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CNET News.com: Tech Giants, FBI Join Forces to Combat Hackers 05-Jan-01 19:55:29 ET

Story Highlights:“The system, called InfraGard, lets the FBI and the companies alert each other and share information about attacks by intruders and how to protect against them…”

* * *

“‘Building bridges between law enforcement and the public and private sector is one of the most important ways we can protect ourselves from these threats,’ U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno told a news conference in Washington on Friday…”

Full Story on CNET News.com

NUA: CIOs Trust Their Network Security 08-Jan-01 08:11:54 ET

Story Highlights:“Although cybercrime is on the increase, the vast majority of chief information officers (CIOs) have confidence in their companies’ network security, according to a recent survey…”

* * *

RHI said that the high level of confidence could be partly due to increased spending on hardware, software, and network-security personnel in recent times. In a separate RHI survey in August, 58 percent of CIOs said…”

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