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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Wired: The Greatest Hacks of All Time 06-Feb-01 06:38:26 ET

Story Highlights:“With another noisy device known as a blue box, Draper — soon to be known as ‘Cap’n Crunch’ — made it possible for many to reach out and touch someone without having to pay for the privilege…”

* * *

“And so was born the modern technology hack. It certainly wasn’t the first effort to rig something up to avoid conventional protocols, but it definitely helped trigger a decades-long, sometimes-underground movement to maneuver through security…”

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Wired: The Internet: It’s Full of Holes 06-Feb-01 06:38:26 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer crackers can read your e-mail, collect your credit card data, intercept the information you send wirelessly or pry into your private files…”

* * *

“The Internet is riddled with security holes. And those holes are multiplying as quickly as supposedly impenetrable security programs are being written by people and firms with a vested interest in the safety of the Internet…”

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PCWEEK: Experts Warn of E-Mail Vulnerability 05-Feb-01 14:54:30 ET

Story Highlights:“A newly discovered exploit in some popular e-mail clients allows a sender of an e-mail message to monitor the path of some messages and receive copies of every reply…”

* * *

“The exploit, which was publicized Monday by the Privacy Foundation, affects Microsoft Corp.’s popular Outlook and Outlook Express products and America Online Inc.’s Netscape Mail 6.0…”

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Computer User: Hey You AOL Trojan No Threat to Antivirus Users 06-Feb-01 03:09:25 ET

Story Highlights:“A flurry of security warnings late last week over an America Online password-stealing Trojan Horse program appear to have been premature, based on one security firm’s assessment…”

* * *

“Sophos reported that most anti-virus software users had nothing to fear from the Trojan, which is called APSTrojan.qa and arrives in an e-mail titled ‘Hey you.’ The IT security firm said its technical support department received a large number of calls…”

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Inter@ctive Week: IT Security Group Gears Up 06-Feb-01 10:24:41 ET

Story Highlights:“Starting next month, some of the world’s biggest information-technology companies will begin swapping stories about how computer vandals broke into…”

* * *

“The center is an outgrowth of a four-year, federal effort to secure the nation’s critical information infrastructure against criminals, terrorist and garden-variety hackers. Internet Security Systems of Atlanta will run the operation…”

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