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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Inter@ctive Week: DDoS Attacks–One Year Later 07-Feb-01 10:09:24 ET

Story Highlights:“At 9:15 a.m. on Feb. 7, 2000, AT&T researcher Steve Bellovin walked up to the podium at the North American Network Operators’ Group and started a talk. His topic: How a relatively unknown type of Internet attack couldn’t be stopped by current technology…”

* * *

“Less than an hour later, Yahoo–the No. 2 Web property on the Internet–seemingly dropped off the Internet, as the company’s servers were targeted with the very attack that Bellovin had warned about…”

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TechWeb: Get Serious About Security 06-Feb-01 17:27:04 ET

Story Highlights:“It’s been a year since hackers launched the now-famous denial-of-service attacks that cost high-profile websites about $2 billion in revenue…”

* * *

“The events during that 48-hour period last February were especially fearsome to service providers, who found out just how vulnerable they were. As a result, some ISPs have begun issuing ultimatums to corporate customers: Meet certain security standards or take your business elsewhere…”

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Linuxworld: Stopping the Ramen Worm 06-Feb-01 15:09:50 ET

Story Highlights:“A new worm has been discovered roaming the Internet. Known (incorrectly, as it’s not a virus) as the Ramen virus…”

* * *

“The Ramen worm targets Red Hat Linux systems specifically. It searches the Internet piece by piece, looking for vulnerable Red Hat boxes, and when it finds one it intrudes through a vulnerability in one of three Linux programs…”

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ComputerWeekly: Viruses Strike a Quarter of UK Businesses 07-Feb-01 04:55:50 ET

Story Highlights:“Will Garside A quarter of UK businesses have been infected with a virus within the last year, according to research from IDC…”

* * *

“The report found that as many as 47% of the business executives questioned believed that existing viruses did little or no damage. One-third of respondents said that they only updated anti-virus software once a month…”

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Computer User: Sophos Warns of Valentine Virus Problems 07-Feb-01 03:09:17 ET

Story Highlights:“Sophos, the anti-virus firm, has warned that PC/Internet users should be on alert for possible malware e-mail now that Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, is almost upon us…”

* * *

“Sophos has reported previously that virus writers are increasingly using psychological temptations such as love, money and lust to encourage innocent users to activate viruses…”

Full Story on Computer User

Newsbytes: Software Firm Rolls Out Security Hole Early-Warning System 06-Feb-01 18:24:59 ET

Story Highlights:“The company that distributes the most ubiquitous breed of Internet server software is launching an online forum that will alert paying participants to potential security holes discovered in the software…”

* * *

“ISC Chairman Paul Vixie did not say whether ISC had created the forum in response to the recent discovery of a security hole in two of the most popular versions of BIND…”

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