Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for April 15, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: IBM Announces Secure Web Services Technology 15-Apr-02 02:28:54 ET

Story Highlights:“IBM Corp is delivering new security features and functions in its Web services toolkit – (WSTK) 3.1 – to help e-business application developers build secure Web services…”

* * *

“The recently introduced WSTK 3.1 consolidates Web services-related technologies from various IBM development and research labs, and provides an implementation based on non-proprietary interfaces that supports a variety of platforms…”

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The Register: Clinton Worm Variant Makes Fun of Sharon 12-Apr-02 15:04:09 ET

Story Highlights:“The Internet vandal behind the MyLife virus released four fresh variants this week, bringing the grand total to 10…”

* * *

“The latest variants of the worm, which can delete files on an infected PC, are spreading to a modest extent and finding fresh victims despite their market similarities…”

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ComputerWorld: Insider Threat to Security May Be Harder To Detect, Experts Say 12-Apr-02 16:24:30 ET

Story Highlights:“Recent findings that insiders constitute the primary threat to enterprise security are being challenged by experts who insist the greater threat to security remains external…”

* * *

“Only 38% of respondents to the latest computer crime survey sponsored by the FBI and the San Francisco-based Computer Security Institute said they detected insider attacks during the preceding 12 months…”

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Scientific American: Defending Your Desktop 14-Apr-02 00:46:13 ET

Story Highlights:“Some recent media reports would have you believing that, thanks to modern connectivity, monsters can crawl through the computer screen and into your home–eating bank accounts and spewing pornography as they go…”

* * *

“Most of us know it’s not all that bad. But computer networks do present the layperson with some security threats…”

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ComputerWorld: Voice-Mail Systems Easy Prey for Hackers 12-Apr-02 12:00:39 ET

Story Highlights:“Security consultants aren’t surprised that someone managed to take a voice mail that Hewlett-Packard Co Chairwoman and CEO Carly Fiorina left for HP Chief Financial Officer Robert Wayman last month and transmit it to the world…”

* * *

“Voice-mail systems and phone rooms tend to have less security than other sensitive areas at companies, and the four-digit personal identification numbers used to guard access to users’ messages can be easily cracked…”

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