Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for April 5, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

E-Commerce Times: Sultans of E-Commerce Security 05-Apr-02 08:51:41 ET

Story Highlights:“In the world of e-commerce security companies, experts find it impossible to agree on which provider is king. But they agree emphatically that nobody does it all…”

* * *

“That is because ‘all’ has become increasingly hard to define as Internet use has increased in recent years…”

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E-Commerce Times: IM-Based E-Commerce’s Missing Link: Security 05-Apr-02 07:54:26 ET

Story Highlights:“E*Trade’s recent agreement to deliver streaming financial data and access to trading via Yahoo’s instant messaging technology shows refreshing promise and optimism…”

* * *

“But in order to graduate from electronic chitchat to e-commerce, instant messaging must close its egregious security gaps…”

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IDG News: Microsoft Patches Two Security Holes in Windows NT/2000 05-Apr-02 04:51:28 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft Corp. announced two new moderate-risk security holes that affect Windows NT and Windows 2000 late Thursday and offered patches to fix both…”

* * *

“The more serious of the two holes affects most versions of Windows NT and 2000, including server versions, and could allow an attacker to elevate privileges or run code on a local machine…”

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The Register: Sentencing Commission Considers Hackers’ Motives 05-Apr-02 03:50:17 ET

Story Highlights:“The courts may one day treat recreational hackers with a gentler justice than malicious intruders and cyber thieves, depending on the results of a study being spearheaded by a member of the government commission responsible for setting federal sentences…”

* * *

“Since 11 September and the passing of the USA Patriot Act into law, hackers have been lumped into an homogeneous and enigmatic category of evildoers, along with terrorists, drug dealers, and arms smugglers…”

Full Story on The Register

InternetWeek: Sept. 11’s Impact on Data Security Is Limited 04-Apr-02 06:08:49 ET

Story Highlights:“Big enterprises were hit by hacker attacks in 2001 significantly more than small and medium companies…”

* * *

“And despite the focus on corporate data security after Sept. 11, big companies haven’t significantly changed their thinking about their approach to data security…”

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