Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for August 1, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

MSNBC: Presidential Adviser Encourages Computer Hackers To Break Software 31-Jul-02 16:07:42 ET

Story Highlights:“An adviser to President Bush encouraged top computer security professionals and hackers Wednesday to try to break computer programs, offering to support and protect good-faith researchers from the legal wrath of software makers…”

* * *

“Richard Clark, Bushs computer security adviser, told hackers at the Black Hat conference that most security holes in software are not found by the software makers but by independent users…”

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The Register: OpenSSH Trojaned! 01-Aug-02 10:34:51 ET

Story Highlights:“No single anti-virus product catches a comprehensive range of email viruses and malware within a variety of compressed and uncompressed file formats…”

* * *

“That’s the conclusion of a study analysing the results of research by five leading anti-virus testing laboratories from security firm GFI which reveals various (we’d say in practice minor) shortcomings in popular AV products…”

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ITworld.com: RIAA Site Plagued with Problems 31-Jul-02 02:59:02 ET

Story Highlights:“The RIAA Web site, at http://www.riaa.org, was knocked offline for part of the day Tuesday and Wednesday. An RIAA representative said that they were experiencing ‘an unusually large demand’ for the Web site, but did not go as far as to say it was due to a DoS attack…”

* * *

“Earlier in the week, the group confirmed that a DoS attack was responsible for taking down the site for portions of last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, however…”

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Wired: Vegas Braces for the Hackers 01-Aug-02 02:00:51 ET

Story Highlights:“Sin City is about to be packed with thousands of hackers, wannabe geeks and phreaks who envision the perfect world as the following…”

* * *

“Computer networks would welcome curious exploration, all information would be openly shared, a lot of public toilets would be filled with concrete and no swimming pool would go unfilled with several blocks of dry ice…”

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