Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for August 26, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

MSNBC: What Are the Real Risks of Cyberterrorism? 26-Aug-02 08:38:51 ET

Story Highlights:“In 1998, a 12-year-old hacker broke into the computer system that controlled the floodgates of the Theodore Roosevelt Dam in Arizona…”

* * *

“If the gates had been opened, the article added, walls of water could have flooded the cities of Tempe and Mesa, whose populations total nearly 1 million.There was just one problem with the account: It wasnt true…”

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PCWorld: The World’s Worst Viruses 23-Aug-02 09:25:28 ET

Story Highlights:“Earthworms are a boon to the backyard gardener and healers still use leeches to thin a sick patient’s blood, but no good has ever come from a computer worm or virus…”

* * *

“Computer viruses have become increasingly dangerous and quick-spreading in the last couple of years, wildly proliferating through cyberspace and causing billions of dollars in damage…”

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IDG.net: What Should We Do with “Helpful” Hackers? 22-Aug-02 20:16:38 ET

Story Highlights:“Earlier this summer, a San Diego security company called ForensicTec Solutions hacked into military computers and accessed hundreds of confidential files with the alleged intention of helping the government become aware of its vulnerabilities, while at the same time, getting ‘some positive exposure’ for the company…”

* * *

“Last week, the government returned the favor, interrogating the white-hat hackers and making them aware of one of their own vulnerabilities: They may be prosecuted for serious criminal acts…”

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InformationWeek: Intruders: Keep Out 26-Aug-02 09:09:22 ET

Story Highlights:“Keeping systems secure requires a focus on internal and external threats to networks and systems as well as on changes to the network…”

* * *

“And that’s just fine with Paul Tobia, security manager at $542.6 million health-information systems provider Cerner Corp., which provides hosting and links clinical and administrative information systems such as those used by emergency rooms and pharmacies…”

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