Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for August 9, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

MSNBC: Code Red Continues to Disrupt Net 09-Aug-01 09:35:24 ET

Story Highlights:“While the spread of the Code Red computer worm has slowed, it continues to cause problems for Internet users…”

* * *

“The worm has infected some of Microsofts computers, disrupted some Associated Press services and slowed down high-speed Internet access for AT&T and Qwest customers…”

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[email protected] Week: Hollywood PCs Leak Like A Sieve 08-Aug-01 19:53:50 ET

Story Highlights:“Over the past few weeks, a young Brit named James Sinclair sat at his computer and watched dailies from Steven Spielbergs upcoming ‘Minority Report,’ pored over client files of a major talent agency and studied internal e-mails, deal memos and film slates from several major studios…”

* * *

“All this information considered top secret was easily swiped from the companies via the Internet…”

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Wired: The Hunt For the Worm Writers 09-Aug-01 07:07:50 ET

Story Highlights:“Internet users have become all too familiar with SirCam and Code Red, but the creators of the two worms that have plagued the Internet this summer remain a mystery…”

* * *

“If the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center has its way, the identities of those who wrote and released the malicious little bundles of code into the world will be known soon…”

Full Story on Wired Japan Reports Big Surge in Cybercrimes in the First Half of 2001 09-Aug-01 04:39:01 ET

Story Highlights:“Japan is facing a surge in cybercrimes involving prostitution, fraud and other abuses conducted at the click of a mouse…”

* * *

“The number of high-tech crimes committed over the Internet rose to 365 in the first six months of 2001, up 56 per cent from 234 in the year-earlier period…”

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