Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for December 10, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNET: Oracle Paints a Bull’s-Eye for Hackers 10-Dec-01 05:38:32 ET

Story Highlights:“In the seven weeks Oracle’s ‘Unbreakable’ ad campaign has been running, hacking attempts on the company’s Web site have increased ten-fold…”

* * *

“So far the Oracle fortress is holding up, mostly because the attackers are trying to break in by exploiting potential holes in Windows NT and Oracle is running Oracle 9i Application Server on Unix…”

Full Story on ZDNET

The Register: Compaq Site Exposes Customer Details 06-Dec-01 18:14:51 ET

Story Highlights:“Compaq has taken its customer tracking site offline today after the Register alerted it to a security issue that left sensitive customers details exposed on an insecure server…”

* * *

“The site, athome.compaq.com, was set up in a way that allowed anyone who fancied playing around with the order ID number in the URL to gain ready access to customer names, addresses, phone numbers and billing addresses…”

Full Story on The Register

CNN: Interior Department Shuts Net to Shield from Hack 09-Dec-01 11:36:51 ET

Story Highlights:“Much of the Interior Department was without e-mail or Internet access Friday after a judge ordered the systems shut down to protect an Indian trust fund from potential hackers…”

* * *

“Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles notified employees of the shutdown in a memo…”

Full Story on CNN

The Register: Online Bank Fraudsters Jailed for Eight Years 07-Dec-01 15:44:02 ET

Story Highlights:“A five-strong Net fraud gang has been sentenced to a total of just under eight and half years for a conspiring to defraud online banks…”

* * *

“The four men and one woman made bogus multiple credit card applications with Egg, Cahoot, Smile, Marbles, MBNA, and SonyCard…”

Full Story on The Register

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