Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for January 21, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ABCNews: Is Cyber-Terrorism Next? 21-Jan-02 08:53:14 ET

Story Highlights:“Terrorists have attacked Americans on airplanes, in buildings, and even those simply trying to open their mail…”

* * *

“And as the war against the al Queda terror network in Afghanistan appears to be winding down, where could the terrorists strike next? Perhaps, cyberspace…”

Full Story on ABCNews

The Register: YIHAT Founder Kimble/Schmitz Arrested 19-Jan-02 19:33:41 ET

Story Highlights:“In the movies, whenever a protagonist gets away with a big heist, we invariably see him passing safely through customs in the Caribbean or southeast Asia as the credits begin to roll…”

* * *

“Perhaps this hackneyed Hollywood device was on Kim Schmitz’s mind when he chose Thailand as his hideout from German authorities curious about his KimVestor Ponzi scheme…”

Full Story on The Register

Register: Windows Wipe Utilities Fail To Shift Stubborn Data Stains 21-Jan-02 14:36:02 ET

Story Highlights:“Several Windows file-wiping utilities fail to completely wipe some files on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP that use NTFS file systems, security researcher Kurt Seifried has discovered…”

* * *

“It’s unlikely that users store sensitive information using alternate data streams (which must be ‘explicitly created,’ as the advisory points out). However alternate data streams can provide a location where attack tools…”

Full Story on The Register

CNN: Despite More Spending, Dangers Lurk on the Net 21-Jan-02 11:15:52 ET

Story Highlights:“Spending on Internet security continues to grow, yet the worldwide supernetwork remains more vulnerable than ever to viruses, break-ins and terrorism…”

* * *

“Simply put, hackers are getting smarter, and computer networks are getting more complex and difficult to keep safe…”

Full Story on CNN

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