Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for July 24, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Washington Post: Executives Advised To Take Role in Internet Security 24-Jul-02 08:09:55 ET

Story Highlights:“Internet security issues need to be addressed in boardrooms and executive suites, not just data centers and network storage closets…”

* * *

“That’s the message one industry organization is trying to convey by targeting the upper echelon of management with a guide on how to ward off potential threats…”

Full Story on Washington Post

ComputerWorld: Report Urges States To Organize Against Cyberterror 24-Jul-02 10:14:39 ET

Story Highlights:“The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) today issued a report urging government leaders in all 50 states to set aside political differences and make cybersecurity and critical-infrastructure protection a top priority…”

* * *

“The report specifically outlines 10 recommendations for state government officials that the NASCIO and experts from PricewaterhouseCoopers said lay the foundation for state governments to begin organizing and planning for a future nationwide information-sharing network for first-responders and cybersecurity officials…”

Full Story on ComputerWorld

PCWorld: Hard Disk Will Have Hackers Seeing Double 22-Jul-02 20:15:37 ET

Story Highlights:“Hackers will be unable to attack Web sites protected by a new security system unless they can change the laws of physics, according to Naoto Takano, chief executive officer of Scarabs, a Japanese company…”

* * *

“The company claims that it has developed a hard disk with two heads that prevents disk files published on the Web from being altered by hackers…”

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Nando Times: How to Avoid E-mail Hoaxes 23-Jul-02 12:20:54 ET

Story Highlights:“It’s a corny line from an old horror movie: ‘When’s it going to stop?…'”

* * *

“But that’s how I feel every time I read my e-mail now as I get warnings upon warnings of the next dreaded e-mail virus…”

Full Story on Nando Times

TechWeb: Palladium Raises Eyebrows 24-Jul-02 09:10:25 ET

Story Highlights:“What if every PC had its own unique encryption keystored in hardwarethat not even its owner knew?…”

* * *

“That’s the basic idea behind Microsoft’s Palladium security initiative. It combines hardware-based storage of an encryption key with software that will be provided by the next version of Windows…”

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