Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for June 18, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNET: Security Pros Dig in for New DoS Attacks 17-Jun-01 21:29:21 ET

Story Highlights:“As vendors such as Asta Networks and Mazu Networks prepare to launch their anti-DDoS solutions in the coming weeks, attackers across the Internet are fine-tuning their tools and creating sophisticated assaults designed to elude even the best defenses…”

* * *

“In addition, those malicious programmers could get a big assist this fall when Microsoft releases Windows XP, which some security experts say provides attackers with a made-to-order launching pad for their DDoS assaults…”

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ComputerUser: Hacker Turns RTF Exploit Theory into Reality 16-Jun-01 04:55:44 ET

Story Highlights:“An anti-virus company say that at least one hacker has released rogue code that takes advantage of a recently uncovered security hole in Microsoft Word’s handling of rich text format (RTF) documents…”

* * *

“Until now, an RTF exploitation that does an end run around Microsoft’s built-in checks for potentially malicious Word macros has been theoretical…”

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The Register: Solar Sunrise Hacker ‘Analyzer’ Escapes Jail 15-Jun-01 16:12:44 ET

Story Highlights:“The hacker known as ‘The Analyzer’ was sentenced Thursday in Israel to six months of community service for a series of intrusions into US Defense Department computers that triggered America’s first full-blown infowar false alarm…”

* * *

“Ehud Tenenbaum, 22, also received one year of probation and a two-year suspended prison sentence that can be enforced if he commits another computer crime within three years…”

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ZDNET: New Virus Tools Raise Concerns 15-Jun-01 01:57:36 ET

Story Highlights:“Last week Jonathon Mynott, a technical consultant at security specialist Cryptic Software, said hacker interest was growing in a virus tool called GodMessage…”

* * *

“It will be easy to fall victim once the method becomes popular, Mynott warned. ‘You only have to browse a Web page to be infected,’ he said…”

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Newsbytes: Hackers Take Down More Malaysian Sites 15-Jun-01 04:56:45 ET

Story Highlights:“Internet vandals defaced eight more Malaysian government sites, highlighting the lax security and poor maintenance among local network administrators…”

* * *

“A group known as ‘Silver Lords’ claimed responsibility through the German-based defacement mirror site…”

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