Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for March 13, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Washington Post: Cybersecurity Alliance Gains Momentum 13-Mar-02 08:39:27 ET

Story Highlights:“The National Cyber Security Alliance, a partnership between the federal government and private-sector companies, announced March 12 that its membership has more than doubled in its first month, with 40 new companies joining…”

* * *

“The alliance is a cooperative effort between industry and government organizations to foster awareness of cybersecurity through educational outreach and public awareness…”

Full Story on Washington Post

BBC: Google Hit by Link Bombers 13-Mar-02 06:15:10 ET

Story Highlights:“Popular search site Google is being exploited by some net users to mount protests and play jokes on their friends…”

* * *

“The users have found a way to ‘bomb’ Google to improve the rankings of particular webpages, and ensure a site is near the top of the results for particular search phrases…”

Full Story on BBC

The Register: Factoring Gains Won’t Break Strong Crypto – Schneier 13-Mar-02 16:15:14 ET

Story Highlights:“Concerns that improvements in factoring technology might make it easier to break large key length encryption codes are misplaced, according to noted cryptographer Bruce Schneier…”

* * *

“Last year mathematician Dan Bernstein circulated a paper discussing improvements in integer factorization, using specialised parallel hardware, implying that encryption keys as long as 2048 bits can now be broken…”

Full Story on The Register

Ananova: Trend Micro Unveils Security Appliance for Home Broadband Users 13-Mar-02 12:39:55 ET

Story Highlights:“Trend Micro has unveiled a new security device for high-speed internet users…”

* * *

“The Japanese firm says GateLock offers comprehensive protection against hackers and viruses…”

Full Story on Ananova

InternetWeek: Sendmail Integrates Virus Scanning 12-Mar-02 13:10:53 ET

Story Highlights:“Sendmail Inc. said Tuesday it will offer the Network Associates McAfee anti-virus scanning engine as part of its Sendmail Mailstream Manager service under an OEM agreement between the two companies…”

* * *

“The objective is to protect enterprises against viruses that spread through e-mail…”

Full Story on InternetWeek

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