Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for March 29, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Washington Post: Government Trains Cyberdefenders, but Numbers Still Small 28-Mar-02 20:10:45 ET

Story Highlights:“Long before Sept. 11 and last year’s virus-like attacks over the Internet, the U.S. government announced plans to train an elite corps of computer security experts to guard against cyberterrorism…”

* * *

“Officials warned it would be only a matter of time before terrorists learned to exploit vulnerabilities in major systems, from air traffic and banking to spacecraft navigation and defense…”

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ComputerWorld: Microsoft Offers Fix for Two IE Security Holes 29-Mar-02 06:41:27 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft Corp. released a security patch yesterday designed to fix two security vulnerabilities in certain versions of its Internet Explorer Web browser…”

* * *

“Microsoft characterized the problems as ‘critical…'”

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Wired: Next Virus Exploit: Media Player? 27-Mar-02 10:50:31 ET

Story Highlights:“Security experts believe Windows Media Player could soon be targeted by malicious virus writers who are now all but shut out of attacking another Microsoft product, Outlook 2002…”

* * *

“They have discovered that the program allows malicious hackers to easily bypass Outlook’s new security features, which block delivery of dangerous e-mailed attachments and turn off active scripting by default…”

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MSNBC: ‘Legal Child Porn’ Under Fire 28-Mar-02 08:27:45 ET

Story Highlights:“The photos of 12-year-old ‘Amber’ cavorting in a swimsuit and various skimpy outfits wouldnt have raised so much as an eyebrow if they had been posted on a family home page…”

* * *

“But on lilamber.com one of a growing number of ‘preteen model’ sites operating in the legal gray area between innocent imagery and child pornography they have drawn the attention of the Justice Department and prompted a congressman to declare war on the ‘reckless endangerment’ of such kids by their parents and Web site operators…”

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ZDNET: eBay: An Invitation to Hackers? 28-Mar-02 15:20:33 ET

Story Highlights:“Unlike most leading e-commerce sites, eBay does not automatically encrypt much of the data sent between customers’ computers and eBay’s servers, which means that when customers type their password into eBay’s Web site, that information can be viewed by hackers…”

* * *

“Most e-commerce sites use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a technology that encrypts sensitive information such as customer passwords and account activity while the data is in transit to another computer…”

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