Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for March 6, 2003

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

TechWeb: E-Punishment: How Much Is Too Much? 05-Mar-03 01:03:28 ET

Story Highlights:“You don’t have to be F. Lee Bailey to worry about cybercrime. Stories in the trades and the general press sound the alarm loud and clear, seemingly every day…”

* * *

“But a trio of legal defense groups — including the influential Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) — is questioning what happens after a hacker gets nabbed…”

Full Story on TechWeb

CNN: Two Suspects Arrested in Web Bank Theft 06-Mar-03 10:49:25 ET

Story Highlights:“Two men were arrested for allegedly hacking into bank accounts through the Internet and stealing $136,000…”

* * *

“Police suspect 35-year-old Ko Hakata, a former computer software developer who is now unemployed, and Goro Nakahashi, a 27-year-old businessman, robbed the unidentified bank’s accounts from a computer at a Tokyo cafe September 18…”

Full Story on CNN

MSNBC: Nigerian Scam Continues To Thrive 05-Mar-03 16:54:09 ET

Story Highlights:“Two new flavors of the age-old Nigerian e-mail scam are making the rounds, and at least one of them appears to be gaining traction…”

* * *

“Hundreds of victims have recently fallen for a variation that plays upon people’s misunderstanding about how bank cashier’s checks work…”

Full Story on MSNBC

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