Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for May 28, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: Klez.H ‘Becomes Biggest Virus’ 27-May-02 13:05:26 ET

Story Highlights:“The computer virus Klez.H has become the biggest of all time, surpassing SirCam…”

* * *

“Klez.H, which was first detected on April 15, now affects one in every 300 e-mails, said UK-based MessageLabs on Monday. The company has traced 775,000 copies of the virus so far…”

Full Story on CNN

The Register: Security Researchers Warn of Worm Blitzkriegs 27-May-02 10:05:11 ET

Story Highlights:“Security researchers are warning of the availability of more powerful virus writing techniques, which call for a more co-ordinated approach to combat next generation worms…”

* * *

“In a paper, ‘How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time’, Stuart Staniford of Silicon Defense, Vern Paxson of the ICSI centre for internet research and Nicholas Weaver of University of California Berkeley, argue the ability of attackers to rapidly gain control of vast numbers of Internet hosts poses grave security risks…”

Full Story on The Register

MSNBC: Internet Scam Artist faces Huge Fine 24-May-02 18:20:18 ET

Story Highlights:“An elusive Internet scam artist has been ordered to pay almost $1.9 million back to victims and stop a scheme that used thousands of misspelled Web addresses to trick Internet users into seeing adult advertisements…”

* * *

“Federal Trade Commission lawyers sued John Zuccarini of Andalusia, Pa., last October to stop the scheme. Zuccarini set up Web sites that contained misspellings of popular names like the Backstreet Boys, Victorias Secret, Bank of America and The Wall Street Journal…”

Full Story on MSNBC

ComputerWorld: Business Partners, Third Parties Can Pose Security Risk 24-May-02 21:16:59 ET

Story Highlights:“Ford Motor Credit Co. revealed earlier this month that someone posing as a Ford employee had collected the work and home addresses, Social Security numbers, account numbers and credit histories of 13,000 people from Experian Information Solutions Inc…”

* * *

“Although the details of the case are still unclear, the incident serves as a reminder that companies should mitigate their exposure to this kind of breach by ensuring that their business partners are paying due diligence to security…”

Full Story on ComputerWorld

CBSNews: Spam Scams 25-May-02 12:51:03 ET

Story Highlights:“If you’re like most Internet users, you’re bombarded with junk email (called spam), which includes solicitations and chain letters…”

* * *

“But there also are messages designed to rob you, deceive you, waste your time, and clog the Web. They’re called Internet hoaxes…”

Full Story on CBSNews

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