Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for October 4, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ABCNews: Microsoft to Make it Easier to Protect Software From Viruses 04-Oct-01 05:27:33 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft Corp. will offer free customer support to combat computer viruses, and streamline the way users can download current software patches…”

* * *

“Previously, corporate customers had to pay Microsoft to get their virus-related questions answered and were required to check the company’s Web sites regularly for any updates…”

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Computer User: Anti-Nimda Technology Saved Billions – Report 04-Oct-01 03:13:08 ET

Story Highlights:“The hefty damage toll from Nimda could have been far worse, if many Internet users hadn’t been running automatically updating anti-virus software…”

* * *

“According to Computer Economics, the worldwide economic impact of the Nimda worm reached about $590 million. But Michael Erbschloe, vice president of research, said the downtime and clean-up costs from Nimda would have been significantly greater…”

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Computer User: AIM Users Vulnerable to PC-Crashing Bug, Experts Say 04-Oct-01 03:11:02 ET

Story Highlights:“A bug in America Online’s AOL Instant Messenger program for Windows allows a malicious user to crash the computer of other AIM users…”

* * *

“The attack, which may have been in use underground for some time, involves sending an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) user a specially crafted instant message. Upon receipt of the notification of the message, the victim’s computer will crash and require re-starting…”

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