Network Security Roundup for August 14, 2003

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TechNewsWorld: Worm’s Spread Slows To a Crawl14-Aug-03 07:04 ET

Story Highlights:“The spreading of the LovSan worm has slowed, as tech companies prepared for a worldwide spike in Internet traffic expected soon when hordes of infected PCs begin sending bogus requests to Microsoft servers. Meanwhile, the FBI put out a call for tipsters to contact local offices with information that might lead to the author.”

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PCWorld: Did Microsoft Misstep Nurture Blaster?14-Aug-03 13:31 ET

Story Highlights:“As spread of the dangerous new W32.Blaster Windows worm slows, attention is shifting to Microsoft’s efforts to help its customers patch vulnerable systems — and some complain of inadequate protection and unreliable information about securing their PCs.”

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The Register: Blaster Rewrites Windows Worm Rules14-Aug-03 08:26 ET

Story Highlights:“The Blaster worm, which continues to create chaos by crashing numerous vulnerable Windows machines across the Net, has changed the rules on malicious code attacks. Unlike Slammer or Nimda, home users have borne the brunt of the attack — although businesses of all sizes have also suffered.”

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CNN: Teenage Hacker Spurns Jobs for Studies14-Aug-03 09:52 ET

Story Highlights:“An Indian teenage hacking expert who has helped global think-tanks and police officials combat computer attackers and digital swindlers is spurning job offers to pursue a degree at the prestigious Stanford University.”

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Fairfax I.T.: GNU Project’s FTP Server Compromised14-Aug-03 13:00 ET

Story Highlights:“The FTP server of the GNU Project has been compromised and a trojan found, Free Software Foundation executive director Bradley Kuhn has said. In a posting to the Full-Disclosure mailing list, Kuhn said that after substantial investigation, ‘we don’t believe that any GNU source has been compromised. To be extra-careful, we are verifying known, trusted secure checksums of all files before putting them back on the FTP site.'”

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