Network Security Roundup for November 3, 2003

TechNewsWorld: RIAA’s Second Wave of Suits Hits File Traders, More To Come03-Nov-03 12:48 ET

Story Highlights:“Claiming that its “education and enforcement campaign” involving more than 1,500 subpoenas and nearly 350 lawsuits is working, the Recording Industry Association of America has continued suing music file traders accused of copyright violation. RIAA spokesperson Amanda Collins told TechNewsWorld that, in addition to the 80 new suits filed late last week, the subpoenas and lawsuits will continue, with more online music traders to be targeted, notified and sued.”

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The Register: MS To Intro Hardware-Linked Security for AMD64, Itanium, Future CPUs03-Nov-03 6:37 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft is to introduce hardware-linked security technology with Windows XP Service Pack 2, and beyond that will make “additions to Windows” supporting the technology, execution protection (NX). The feature is already supported by shipping AMD K8 and Intel Itanium processor families, and according to Microsoft: “It is expected that future 32- and 64-bit processors will provide execution protection.”

Full Story on The Register HP Uses Virus Code To Protect Its Networks from Worms03-Nov-03 6:32 ET

Story Highlights:“Hewlett-Packard has demonstrated how computer virus technology can be turned around to protect business networks against hackers and worms. The company is researching new virus-like security technologies that are designed to identify vulnerable machines on company networks and shut them down before malicious code strikes.”

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InfoWorld: Security Experts Gather for CSI Conference03-Nov-03 6:47 ET

Story Highlights:“With memories of August’s worm outbreaks and recent spam attacks fresh in their minds, computer security experts will gather in Washington, D.C., this week for the annual Computer Security Institute (CSI) Conference and Exhibition. Discussions on network attacks are expected to be popular topics at the conference, as are announcements from a number of companies about technology that can automate attack detection and response.”

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The Register: Brazilian Script Kiddie Arrested in Japan03-Nov-03 8:01 ET

Story Highlights:“A Brazilian teenager has been arrested in Japan last Friday on suspicion of membership of an international hacking group. Japanese police believe the unnamed 17-year-old is an active member of a gang of Web site defacers called Cyber Lords, which is blamed for the defacement in recent months of 1,032 Web sites in 33 countries.”

Full Story on The Register Are Virus Writers Resting on Their Laurels?03-Nov-03 9:26 ET

Story Highlights:“November has spawned a monster already, but October was same old, same old on the threat front. Despite a new virus, Mimail.C, hitting inboxes worldwide over the last few days, the virus chart, detailing the most prevalent viruses during October, shows very little variation in the worms which have been plaguing systems for the past few weeks.”

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