Network Security Roundup for September 25, 2003

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TechNewsWorld: California Law To Ban All Spam24-Sep-03 16:46 ET

Story Highlights:“Sending the unwanted e-mail solicitations known as spam to Californians likely will become a lot more expensive, thanks to a new law that will fine spammers and advertisers as much as $1 million per incident. Described as the toughest law in the country, California’s rule has been signed into law by Gov. Gray Davis, who warned spammers and advertisers against using e-mail solicitations to promote their products and services.”

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Wired News: Want PC Security? Diversify25-Sep-03 02:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Taking a page from agricultural history, a group of computer security experts this week blamed Microsoft for exacerbating network instability by fostering a monoculture in the PC world. In a report presented Wednesday at a Washington, D.C., meeting of the Computer & Communications Industry Association, researchers said the dominance of Windows, along with Microsoft’s rapid migration into the server space, creates inherent dangers for end users.”

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The Register: VeriSign Slammed for Domain Renewal Scam25-Sep-03 3:53 ET

Story Highlights:“VeriSign has been rapped over the knuckles by the FTC for its calculated attempt to steal domains from competitors — a practice called “slamming.” However in a ruling by the government arm, VeriSign was found not to have broken the law and so avoided a hefty fine. It has however been barred from suggesting that someone’s domain is about to expire or that what is in fact a transfer is no more than a renewal.”

Full Story on Computerworld

The New York Times: Studios Move To Block Piracy of Films Online25-Sep-03 12:12 ET

Story Highlights:“While the major labels in the music industry squabbled among themselves about how best to deal with Internet piracy and failed to develop consumer-friendly ways to buy music online, the movie industry has gone on a coordinated offensive to thwart the free downloading of films before it spins out of control.”

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