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What CIOs Need To Know About New Firewall Tech

As recently as a few years ago, IT personnel were trained to harden their network perimeter, barring outsiders entirely. In contrast, today's security environment is far less clear-cut -- and the role of firewalls is expanding. "A lot of new developments are going on at once," Richard Stiennon, Inte...

New IBM Server Targets Mid-Range Market

In a bid to capture more of the mid-range server market, IBM has introduced an eight-way Unix machine. The new unit includes some features that were previously available only in higher-end units, such as a Power4+ chip and autonomic computing capabilities. The server also costs less than its predece...

Toshiba, NEC Enter Next-Gen DVD Format Fray

The DVD industry is no stranger to significant infighting over formats, with manufacturers supporting one of two rival standards, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW. And it appears that the standards battle will drag on for the foreseeable future. In the latest maneuver, Toshiba and NEC have announced that they ...

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