Nearly two dozen dating apps were flagged by Mozilla's Privacy Not Included researchers as failing to meet privacy and security standards, sharing customer data with third parties, and excluding the right of a user to wipe their data from the app.


Qualcomm Makes the Smart Home Work

Qualcomm has unveiled a new AI-ready IoT platform for home and industrial use and introduced service-defined Wi-Fi, both of which aim to improve the functionality and reliability of smart homes and buildings.

Mark Vena reviews the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, detailing its advanced features and performance in automated pool cleaning.

Following a prediction that Apple’s AI features in iOS 18 will be processed directly on iPhones, analysts discuss the implications for user privacy, device performance, and longevity.

As technologies like ChatGPT exemplify, generative AI is rapidly evolving, prompting businesses across industries to refine their application strategies. The challenge in 2024 is to leverage these new technologies to drive positive business outcomes and enhance customer satisfaction effectively.

Tech analyst Rob Enderle discusses Intel's response to strategic challenges and how Michael Dell's renewed leadership at Dell signals a strong comeback amid critical AI threats.

Selecting the best computer for your business can be a breeze if you plan ahead to eliminate the wrong choices. Check out these factors to make the most of your purchase.

Google joined the ranks of fellow cloud service providers Amazon and Microsoft on Tuesday with the announcement of custom silicon for its data centers.

Proton, the maker of an email system known for its strong security, has added passkey support for its password manager while knocking "Big Tech" for trapping their users' passkeys behind "walled gardens."

In 2021, cybercrime caused global damages that cost $6 trillion -- approximately $2 trillion more than the GDP of Japan -- the country with the world’s third-largest economy.

Let me share my experiences with Temu and Homary as they compare to their far more expensive U.S. and Japanese competitors. We’ll end with my Product of the Week, the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite, which is currently between six and 12 months ahead of AMD and Intel and sets the near-term bar for the...

Called CanineAlert, the technology is designed to be integrated with a service dog's training to mitigate trauma-related nightmares, like those of military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to information provided to TechNewsWorld by Canine Companions.

The long-standing promise of 3D printing to simplify and enhance our lives is now evolving from concept to reality. From dental aligners to jet engine fuel nozzles and houses to sports shoes, 3D printing is now used in diverse applications, impacting every facet of our daily experiences. Looking for...

The research, based on a survey of nearly 3,000 IT and security professionals across 14 countries, found that 94% of organizations hit by ransomware in the past year said that the threat actors attempted to compromise their backups during the attack.

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