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Apple: Microsoft’s Friend or Foe?

But Office v.X has sold only half as many copies as expected -- about 300,000,as opposed to the 750,000 anticipated by Microsoft -- according to Yankee Group senior analyst Laura DiDio In response to the sales shortfall, the two companies announced a limited-time pricereductio...

IBM Deal Puts Red Hat Linux on More Servers

"There is a much larger group that is installing Linux and installing Macs alongside traditional Windows desktops," Yankee Group senior analyst Laura DiDio told the E-Commerce Times in an earlier interview. "We are seeing more diversification, but it's very controlled. It's for certain specialized applications."

E-Business Comes of Age in Court

"You can't underestimate the distraction factor," Giga Information Group analyst Laura DiDio told the E-Commerce Times. "When executives are traveling to depositions and making court appearances, they're not focusing on new products and taking care of customers." The highest-p...

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