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3 Critical Things Sales Can Learn From IT

If you're in sales, there are people in your organization you want to talk to, and others you may go out of your way to avoid. You might be excited to talk to the CMO -- or not so excited -- based on the leads you recently worked. You might avoid the people from finance who bother you with questions, but you might enjoy conversing with your comp plan administrator -- which would make sense, since many of us have a fondness for the people who hand us our checks...

The Strange Bedfellows That Make Sales AI Work

At some point, the discussion about artificial intelligence and sales is going to mature. Too many people still think AI for sales will resemble C-3PO, a bumbling assistant that gets in the way more often than not, or the Hal 9000, subverting the sales process in ways that endanger the very existence of the sales person ...


Savvy Marketers Don’t Ditch the Non-Digital

A good motto for modern marketing would be, "When in doubt, check the data." Perhaps an even better one would be, "When not in doubt, check the data to see if you should be." ...


Managing Commissions to Boost Sales Productivity

Ask salespeople and they'll tell you: They don't have enough time in the day to sell. That's not because the laws of physics cause salespeople to move through time faster than the rest of us -- it's because salespeople are pulled in many directions over the course of a day, and every one of those activities cuts into their selling time ...


3 Ways Your Sales Organization Should Prepare for AI

A company in the CPQ (configure, price, quote) space last year announced an artificial intelligence feature for its solution. AI is a trend, and it's always nice to be trendy, but as great as CPQ is, it's still only one source of data. ...


Take Marketing Off Autopilot and Get Creative

More than a quarter of marketers went into marketing because they wanted to be creative, researchers have found. So why do so many B2B marketing efforts seem exactly the same? ...


Translating Website Visits Into Quality Leads

Back in the day -- like, 1993 -- every company had to have a website because it was the thing you did! A website was something new, fresh and shiny, and it allowed the marketing team to reach more people than ever before. It was on the Internet, which automatically made your company seem cool. It was totally rad! ...


Trust: Why Financial Services Should Embrace DoL’s Fiduciary Rule

When the U.S. Department of Labor issued its fiduciary rule last year, it set financial advisers, insurers and agents into a mad scramble to meet an April 10, 2017, implementation deadline. The rule elevates all financial professionals who work with retirement plans or provide retirement planning advice to the level of a fiduciary, or someone bound legally and ethically to meet the standards of that status.


4 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Not long ago, I received an email from my health club. I've been member there for 13 years, and this was the first of its kind. It said, in part:"Dear Chris, We've noticed you haven't been in as regularly in recent weeks. I understand there may be many reasons for not being able to make it in, but I just wanted to send a quick note to check if you're happy with the service we've been providing. Let me know if I can be of any assistance and I hope to see you very soon!"While I appreciate that the health club is at least trying to stay in contact, this email managed to do several things wrong all at once -- and they're all avoidable.


The Right Sales Technology Buys Time to Turn B Players Into A Players

In sales, A-B-C does not simply refer to the Alec Baldwin scene in Glengarry Glen Ross. It's the system that sales managers (and salespeople themselves) use to categorize performance. A players smash their quotas on a regular basis; B players battle to deliver results, and usually do; C players have a history of missed objectives and should consider work in another field...


Debunking the Lead Numbers Myth

Sales people love leads. They want lots of them, and they want them now. The more leads, the more money -- because sales is a numbers game, right? ...


Toward a More Perfect CRM

"Perfection is the enemy of completion" is a bastardization of a translation of the first line of a poem by Voltaire. That makes the saying itself sort of an example of what Voltaire was talking about -- but it doesn't make it any less true ...

Google Apps Integration Arrives in Zurmo 2.2

"The Google Web tracking capability is a really interesting feature, and it will indeed shed new light on customers and what they're interested in," CRM journalist Chris Bucholtz told CRM buyer. "You may also detect opportunities where customers are inclined toward becoming more engaged with you." ...


Don’t Rebuild Those Silos!

It's hard to overstate the impact that the arrival of Software as a Service had on the CRM world. Spearheaded by and picked up by almost every other vendor in the CRM space, SaaS made CRM available to virtually every business, and has paved the way for the continued health of the CRM space ...


The Perils of Making Up Your Social Media Policy as You Go

Social media and its close relative, social CRM, allow you to connect with customers in new and meaningful ways, on a greater scale and at a greater velocity than ever before. ...


Unlike Buzzwords, Relationships Will Always Be in Vogue

The jargon of an industry is a good indicator of where the mindset of that industry is at any particular moment. Think of terms like "the cloud," which are set upon by marketers and subverted to their ends until the meaning has been wrung from them ...


Secrets for Speeding CRM Time to Value

We all know about the idea of total cost of ownership, or TCO, and the concept of return on investment, or ROI. Both have their place in business evaluations of CRM. There's another measurement, however, that should be considered -- one I like to call "time to value" -- T2V ...


3 Bad Habits to Unlearn for SCRM Success

For the better part of six years, we pundits have been urging businesses to get social. Social CRM (SCRM) even has its own Gartner Magic Quadrant, and while the entries in that document are all over the map in terms of what they do, vendors serving aspects of SCRM are well established. Gartner itself said that sales of software for SCRM -- as Gartner defined it -- topped $1 billion in 2012...


5 Business Lessons to Learn From PR Flacks

As a journalist covering technology, you get bombarded with material from PR people trying to get you to write about their clients. Although there are some stellar PR people, the majority of pitches I get are not targeted at what I write about, addressed to the wrong person, or make claims that are demonstrably false or inaccurate ...


Building Trust Before Social Skepticism Sets In

The emergence of the social customer is forcing businesses to think differently about how they reach the people to whom they sell, and much has been written about ways for businesses to cope with this. However, as is all too common in CRM discussions, the customer is often forgotten as we default to dwelling on processes and software that are decidedly business-centric in their nature...

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