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Surviving and Thriving on a Bare-Bones IT Budget

Now is the winter of IT's discontent. Last month, the doomsayers at Goldman Sachs projected a 1 percent decline in IT spending in 2003. This week, they released a new report projecting a 10 percent decline. Some tech spending items -- such as expensive networking and server computer purchases -- have almost completely fallen off the map. And payrolls were slashed by the tens of thousands every month last year, meaning that no matter how you slice it, IT shops, like every other part of the enterprise, have to do even more with even less...


Data Storage 101

Quick, what was the biggest digital transformation of the early 1980s? If you said New Wave music, take off those headphones and try this on for size: Personal computers began to ship with hard disk drives. And once those drives caught on, consumers and enterprises gobbled up every increase in capacity -- 100 kilobytes, 200 megabytes, even an amazing 1 gigabyte by the mid-1990s...


Why Is Dell Up and Gateway Down?

Nearly 20 years ago, two guys set up mail-order businesses, one from his dorm room, the other from a barn in South Dakota. Dell had a paper route and rooted for the Texas Longhorns; Waitt had a pony tail. They both had a dream of changing the way computers are sold ...

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