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CDC Launches Pivotal for iPad

"Search remains as one of the strongest channels for B2B lead generation," Adam Blitzer, Pardot's COO and cofounder, told CRM Buyer. "Typically, marketing managers have to wear a lot of hats in small to mid-sized businesses and don't really have time to devote to learning solutions and tools. By providing them with data about search marketing results proactively, they can figure out what they should be working on based on data that makes sense for them."


The Social Phenom That Was This Year’s Dreamforce

"This was our fourth year, and I'd say we had more booth traffic in the first four hours than we had in four days last year," Adam Blitzer, cofounder and COO at Pardot, told CRM Buyer. "And in almost all cases, one of the first questions when people came up was what we were doing around social networking." ...

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE REPORT Innovation in the Spotlight

To date, social media monitoring has primarily been tied to support, Adam Blitzer, COO and cofounder of Pardot, a B2B cloud marketing automation software provider, told CRM Buyer. Pardot will be making an announcement about new social media tools for B2B marketers at this year's event.


A Marketer’s Guide to Tackling Google Overload

For the past few years, many companies have taken advantage of Google AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) platforms to generate sales leads. The barriers to entry are low for these services, making PPC advertising a relatively easy and cost-effective lead-generation strategy for smaller businesses ...

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