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Social Networking and Open Source: Cut From the Same Cloth

The ideas blend together so well. Open source has been around for a long time and is built on the concept of developers working together and sharing software. Social networking has broken into the headlines as a new generation uses MySpace and Facebook as a whole new means of sharing their life experiences ...

JBoss Initiatives Signal Open Source Maturation

Bob Bickel, vice president of corporate strategy and development at Jboss, said the company launched its Open Source Federation to stimulate and support work around open-standards-based middleware "Over the past year, we've added a number of projects to the JBoss family," Bick...

Open-Source Win: HP To Support, Sell MySQL, JBoss

"JBoss' relationship with HP gives companies extra assurance that open-source technology is safe for the enterprise," said Bob Bickel, vice president of corporate development and strategy at JBoss. "Joint customers will also benefit from expert JBoss support, with HP as a sin...

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