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E-Commerce Without Borders – What It Takes to Cross Frontiers

Today's increasingly connected world makes it possible for anyone to transact and do business anywhere -- from anywhere. But just because we now increasingly live in a "global village," that doesn't mean place has become irrelevant. In fact, it matters more than ever. Despite the fact that we're all aware of our global citizen status, the reality of consumer behaviors and mindsets means that people still retain a local perspective -- especially when it comes to customer service...


Beyond the iPhone App: Seizing Today’s M-Commerce Opportunities

Mobile truly has created an "always on society," where people are online and accessible 24 hours per day. Mobile platforms have become more than simple communications devices; they are lifestyle assistants that enable people to connect, interact, inform and influence. ...


A Product Content Strategy for ‘Commerce Anywhere’

All it takes is one bad experience to turn a customer away -- which is why the delivery of accurate and consistent product data across all channels is fast becoming one of the most important criteria for online and cross-channel success ...

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