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Managing the Long Tail of Digital Storage

"The IRS isn't interested in the show that flopped." If you're unfamiliar with that line, it's straight out of the Broadway musical The Producers, which was a notoriously over-the-top story about how to increase profit by making something, a product, that does not strike it big. It was a comedic yet interesting idea that by now has permeated the minds of marketers and businessmen everywhere, due largely to Chris Anderson...


The Next Frontier for Packet Switching

Packet switching, in short, is a method to deliver data across a computer network connection. The impact of packet switching cannot be understated, as it essentially makes today's Internet function ...

New Data Storage Method: Cut It to Pieces

If Chris Gladwin has his way, how health, research, oil, multimedia and other companies with heavy storage demands choose to store their data will never be the same again Gladwin is CTO of Cleversafe. His company's software is now in its most advanced stage to date, from an op...

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