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Searchandise Your Way to Success

With thousands of companies selling products online to both businesses and consumers, it takes more than nice site design and a shopping cart to be competitive and make money. We know that effective search and navigation leads to more people finding what they're looking for and, therefore, higher conversion rates ...


Is Your Site Search Ready for Holiday Shoppers?

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us. Many online retailers are still trying to get everything ready for the anticipated hordes of shoppers who will be beating down their online gates to buy gifts for their loved ones and friends ...


Mercado CEO Corey Leibow Finds Profit in E-Commerce Search

Founded in 1997, Mercado Software claims to be the first e-commerce search vendor. Today, it employs 56 people in four U.S. and one overseas office, and while it has had a "laser" approach on e-commerce search since its inception, CEO and President Corey Leibow said today's e-commerce companies are looking for more than just accurate search results. As a result, Mercado is helping to advance merchandising solutions aimed at giving businesses the ability to change offers and promotions in real time and based on their own business intelligence data...

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