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Massive Intel Chip Security Flaw Threatens Computers

This is not your typical common vulnerability, noted Dan Hubbard, chief security architect at Lacework It should be taken very seriously due to the large threat surface, he told LinuxInsider....


Needle in a Haystack: Harnessing Big Data for Security

The combination of the polymorphic nature of malware, failure of signature-based security tools, and massive amounts of data and traffic flowing in and out of enterprise networks is making threat management using traditional approaches virtually impossible. ...

Predicting the Top Security Threats for 2007

Meanwhile, the bot evolution will continue and evolve again with countermeasures, according to Dan Hubbard, vice president of security research for Websense. Bots are computer programs that perform automated tasks; networks of bots are largely responsible for sending increasing volumes of spam...

Skype IM Falls Victim to Trojan Attack

"What's unique about this Trojan horse is that it uses Skype as its vehicle for propagation," Dan Hubbard, vice president of security research at WebSense, told TechNewsWorld. "But this is not dissimilar to Trojans that have attacked other messaging platforms in the past, like ICQ and Microsoft Messenger."

Spyware Menacing Workplace Computers

"Although employee awareness of Web-based threats such as phishing attacks and keyloggers is improving, the vast majority of employees still do not know that they could fall prey to these types of social engineering tactics in the workplace," said Dan Hubbard, senior director of security and technology research, Websense...

New Hack Seeks Ransom for Unlocking Files on Infected PCs

"This is another example of a fundamental change in several waves of malicious code attacks. The motives are changing (monetary gain), the attack vectors are changing (more use of the web), and the payloads are changing. All are also becoming more sophisticated," Dan Hubbard, senior director, security and technology research, WebSense said in an email to TechNewsWorld...

AOL Advances IM Platform

"Both social engineering and vulnerabilities within IM client technologies are being used to gain access," said Dan Hubbard, senior director of security and technology research for Websense. "IM will continue to be used as a social engineering tool to gather information about users and as a means of dropping malicious code onto user's machines. The identity of users is often anonymous, and the very nature of real-time communications like IM presents a new opportunity for attack for hackers."

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