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Marketing Quantification

Lastly, as others, like Debbie Qaqish have noted, this approach to marketing also gives marketers new things to talk about, things that are much more germane to the revenue discussion taking place elsewhere in the business. Being able to discuss marketing's impact on revenue is huge and nicely points out the need for automation. While marketing automation is a hot topic, it isn't universally applied yet, but that's something that is rapidly changing.-30-...


Great Expectations: New Revenue Metrics for Today’s CMO

Because of power tools like marketing automation, marketers are able to contribute to revenue in a very measurable way. Expectations are high because of this capability -- like salespeople, marketers are now accountable for making a direct revenue contribution to the top line. They are being asked to show exactly how that contribution has occurred and will occur In the future. ...


Visions of Behavioral Analytics Dance in Marketers’ Heads

There are two types of behavioral analytics. The first kind is "aggregate" analytics. This is what you can see when pulling reports from an Omniture or Webtrends. It shows you things like how many impressions, how many pages viewed on your website, which pages are most popular, or even the path a prospect takes while reviewing your site. ...

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