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Managing Big Data: Audience Measurement and Ad Targeting

The interaction of connected consumer electronics and digital media is creating vast and limitless amounts of user data, now commonly coined "Big Data." Many new business models are forming around these data, but for advertising, data have always been at the core of its business. Data of all varieties and volumes enable stakeholders to invest proportionally to the value of their media assets -- whether TV commercials, video programs, gaming apps, online publications or advertising messages.

Grabbing the Mobile App Brass Ring

By the end of 2012, 60 percent of U.S. broadband households owned at least one app-enabled consmer electronic device. With connected device ownership at mainstream levels, there is a solid foundation for app development and rapid growth in app economies. ...


Real-Time Bidding: Greasing the Wheels of Digital Advertising

Real-time bidding (RTB) will be a significant factor in fulfilling the promise of online digital advertising, which has been on the cusp of dramatic changes for many years. ...

Nokia Picks Up Analytics Firm for App Market Insight

"Nokia's analytic purchase is definitely a solid strategy to increase company revenues and position in the market," Heather Way, a research analyst at Parks Associates, told the E-Commerce Times "In terms of offering analytics services, Apple and Google are ahead of the game,"...


In Mobile Advertising, Experimentation Is the Name of the Game

The proliferation of smartphones, alongside the growth in number of subscribers of 3G network data plans (or newer wireless services), is having a ripple effect on multiple markets, from mobile apps to hardware enhancements. As media becomes increasingly fragmented, advertisers are focused on multiplatform media strategies in order to capture and retain consumer attention...


Competition for the Portable People Meter?

I recently read an article that featured an up and coming media measurement technology created by research firm Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI). Using cell phone based data collection, IMMI's digital monitoring system measures audience exposure to multiple media platforms via codes embedded in the audible audio portion of the advertisement. This includes ads appearing in out-of-home TV, on-demand and time-shift viewing, radio, Internet, DVDs, audio CDs, theatrical films, entertainment venues, and mobile video and games.

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