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Magnify360 Puts Site Visitors Under the Microscope

Magnify360 is part of a growing marketplace for online optimization procedures used to make Web sites as effective and functional as possible, according to John Lovett, senior analyst at JupiterResearch and author of the Sept. report "Recommendation Technologies: Analyzing Recognition, Relevance, and Returns."


Analytics University: The CliffsNotes

Web analytics usage has reached mainstream status, with 82 percent adoption among companies surveyed recently by Aberdeen Group. However, a vast range of maturity exists regarding analytics process, data analysis and corporate understanding of Web metrics. A fundamental impediment precluding many companies from building a successful analytics program is a lack of skilled employees required to manage, distribute and analyze Web analytics...


Dynamic Web Content: Giving Customers What They Want

Effective Web content provides targeted messaging to attract customers onto a Web site followed by consistent, timely and relevant information to guide them through the online experience. The goal of these actions is to culminate in a desired result such a sale, qualified lead or submitted application ...


Why Not Web Analytics?

Has your company defined a Web analytics strategy yet? If your answer is no, then ask yourself: Why not? Companies with defined analytics programs are realizing double-digit growth in new Web site visitors, returning visitor traffic and conversion rates. The barriers to entry for adopting analytics technologies that can dramatically improve online businesses have never been lower...


Red Sox Baseball, Sabermetrics and Web Analytics

OK, I admit it. I am an avid Boston Red Sox fan. For me and the rest of Red Sox Nation, a three-game sweep of the New York Yankees and four back-to-back home runs is just too good to be true. Baseball is often called the thinking man's game, and I couldn't resist the chance to correlate baseball and Web analytics, which both rely on statistics, data and a deep understanding of your business...

‘Searchandising’ and the Zen of Online Retailing

It's no secret that e-commerce search and online merchandising have a magnetic attraction. These applications morphed into the e-commerce lexicon as "searchandising," enabling merchants who integrate search and merchandising to realize higher levels of customer satisfaction and returns ...

Desperately Seeking SEO

"The biggest differentiator between small and mid-market e-tailers is strategy deployment," John Lovett, an e-commerce analyst at Aberdeen, told the E-Commerce Times. "Thirty-five percent of mid-sized businesses plan to hire external SEO agencies, whereas only 7 percent of small businesses will seek external help to develop their strategies."


Personalization Hat Trick: Revenue, Loyalty and Conversions

Coming in on the heels of eTail 2007, it is clear that personalization is a hot topic in e-commerce ...

Can Comparison Shopping Tools Be Trusted?

"The simple answer, from a consumer's perspective, is that you can't easily tell which sites are objective," says John Lovett, an e-commerce analyst with Aberdeen Group, "which begs the question: Does it matter? "Consumers using comparison shopping portals are usually browsing...


Tools That Keep Online Customers Coming Back

Web analytics and personalization of Web sites have surfaced as key development initiatives for online merchants, according to a new benchmark report from Aberdeen Group, "Clicks to Customers: The Real ROI in B2C eCommerce." ...


What Web Performance Metrics Really Mean

Added John Lovett, senior performance analyst at Gomez: "From our data, we're seeing that's simply not happening." Beat the Clock...

Reports: E-Tailers Lagged in Black Friday Stampede

"The big surprise might be that there were few big surprises," Gomez senior performance analyst John Lovett told the E-Commerce Times. "Most sites performed very well." While Keynote declined to single out specific retailers that caused its E-Commerce Transaction Performance I...


Is Internet Security Killing E-Business?

"If it's something I can only get there and I've decided I need it, I'm going to wait as long as it takes," Gomez Inc. senior performance analyst John Lovett told the E-Commerce Times. "But if they know they can get it elsewhere, the threshold is much lower than ever." Despite...


How Online Tax Sites Stacked Up in 2003

"It appears everyone was very well prepared," said John Lovett, a senior performance analyst at Gomez, Inc., which tracked a group of top tax sites in the two weeks leading up to April 15th and again during crunch-time on the 15th. "There were no dramatic failures and no significant outages."

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