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Hackers Use Stolen Passwords to Jimmy Into Dropbox

However, "the problem is that a policy of password-only security is outdated," Leonid Shtilman, CEO of Viewfinity, told TechNewsWorld. He advocates using biometric facial recognition technology Comments on Security Measures...

Stuxnet Worm Could Turn

There is another way such viruses could get out of hand, Leonid Shtilman, CEO of Viewfinity suggested: if they fall into the wrong hands, they can be used for spying on citizens and establishments "It is hard to believe that people who create viruses have a bulletproof soluti...

Middle-East Cyberbattle Escalates as Arab Banks Take a Pounding

"This ... is the beginning of a new era -- that related to digital warfare," Leonid Shtilman, CEO of Viewfinity, told TechNewsWorld. "In this instance, it's specific to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but [it] certainly represents a broader view of all future conflicts." It's C...


Eliminating Downtime: The Continuous-Backup Revolution

If your business is like most, it secures its information infrastructure by regularly backing it up onto tape. Or, you may have gone further, enhancing your backup strategy with expensive disk arrays and mirroring. If an earthquake, flood, blackout or hard-disk failure should catch you by surprise, these backups would ensure the survival of your company's information.

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