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Google Taps North Carolina for New Datacenter Site

"The datacenter we're planning to build in Lenoir will help support continued growth in our online services," said Lloyd Taylor, Google's director of global operations. "We look forward to joining the local community and are grateful for the support from the state and local governments throughout our evaluation process."


Is Your Site Under Attack?

Denial of service (DoS) attacks get all the press, but stealth attacks are the ones to really worry about. What are some of these attacks (with colorful names like "Bot" and "Zombie"), and how can you determine if your site has been compromised? ...

DoubleClick Hit by Hack Attack

Lloyd Taylor, vice president of technology at Keynote Systems, said the attack was similar to the one that hit Akamai recently because it used an indirect approach to dent the performance of popular Web sites Rather than attacking top sites head-on -- such attacks are often sp...


Keynote VP Lloyd Taylor Demystifies Web Performance

Lloyd Taylor, vice president of technology and operations at Keynote, recently spent some time talking with the E-Commerce Times about the Web performance and management markets, Keynote's work in these areas, and which trends e-business executives should track in coming months. Taylor, who joined the company in 1999, is the chief architect of Keynote's measurement infrastructure. He also manages Keynote's operations, customer service and business systems group, in addition to spearheading the company's Red Alert division...

Microsoft Defangs Blaster, Delays Service Pack

"Blaster is dead," Keynote Systems vice president Lloyd Taylor told the E-Commerce Times. "Microsoft defanged it." ...

Internet Withstands Massive East Coast Power Outage

Lloyd Taylor, vice president of technology at Keynote, told the E-Commerce Times that the Internet benefits from the fact that telecommunications has long been considered a critical part of the nation's infrastructure "All major providers have good data backups because telcos ...


Is Internet Security Killing E-Business?

"The threshold is still there," Lloyd Taylor, vice president of technology and operations at Keynote Systems, a Web site performance measurement firm, told the E-Commerce Times. "People will still abandon purchases if they take too long." ...


Behind the Scenes with Akamai

However, although the distributed Web sites Akamai runs are a nice cash cow, the company is under pressure to find new opportunities in the face of flagging growth. Lloyd Taylor, vice president of technology and operations at Web site performance tracker Keynote Systems, acknowledged that Akamai and others are looking for ways to branch out beyond the Fortune 500 and Internet service providers. "All the [content delivery network] providers are looking for business wherever they can find it," he told the E-Commerce Times.

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