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Save the Customers, Save the Acquisition

When two companies merge, there is a seemingly endless list of factors to consider. However, while companies are committed to dedicating ample time and resources to align the operational combination of the two entities, it's all too easy to become overly engrossed in the nitty-gritty and lose sight of what matters most -- how the merger will serve the customer...


Aprimo Marketing Chief Michael Emerson: Riding the Momentum

Marketing 7.5 is also the first major release overseen by Chief Marketing Officer Michael Emerson, who joined Aprimo in February. Emerson is a Siebel alumnus who stayed with the CRM market maker "to the very end," as he put it Forward Momentum...

Business Intelligence Meets the Real World

For example,Aprimo is planning to leverage one customer's use of its business intelligence functionality and third-party data in the next generation of its product, according to Michael Emerson, chief marketing officer "This will be one of our core investments in technology," ...

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