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Sega Network Joins the Hacked and Humbled

The brouhaha among the hacker communities appears to be a battle for bragging rights, suggested Mike Paquette, chief strategy officer at Corero Network Security "This pledge of reaction to the Sega attack ... seems to follow the ideology of exposing other security experts as h...

Security Boffins Smell Phish in Hotmail, Yahoo

"It would have been shocking if Gmail was the only email system targeted by this kind of attack," Mike Paquette, chief strategy officer at Top Layer, remarked Phishing attacks and other forms of abuse are "a persistent industry challenge," John Scarrow, general manager of Micr...

Google Deodorizes Sniffable Android Security Flaw

Google's implementation of the technology may not have been faulty in and of itself, argues Mike Paquette, chief strategy officer at Top Layer Security "The problem appears to be the use of the ClientLogin protocol, allowing these sniffable authentication protocols, combined w...


The Worm Returns: Protecting Yourself From Conficker

In 2008, researchers were touting the defeat of the Storm worm -- the most notorious example of the malware category that self-propagates through remote exploits, email, network shares, removable drives, file-sharing or instant messaging applications. Some would argue that despite the name, Storm was not a traditional worm at all, since it required a human-computer interaction to spread. ...


Web 2.0: A New Wave of Threats

With the continued increase in Web-based communication in the form of Web applications, social networking sites, wikis, blogs and podcasts, new security risks are rising throughout the enterprise. Organizations must take steps to strengthen their defenses in a Web 2.0 world ...

2007 Security Threats on the Rise

Mike Paquette, chief strategy officer at Top Layer Networks, has more than 22 years of computer networking and security experience with an extensive background in the design and development of networking products ...


Preparing for the Superworm at the Front Lines

Mike Paquette, vice president of product management at Top Layer Networks, said the best superworm defense consists of a combination of educating users and developing better technology. It is essential, he believes, for network administrators to develop technology that will deny Internet access to any computer that is not certified as clean of viruses.

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